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colon irrigation
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: April 11, 2007 01:19AM

I have an appointment next wednesday -

I am on day 15 o fmy juice feast now and thoght this would be a good idea...
I am taking oxy powder for elimination.

What do you think? should I do it?

I am scared - I mean - to have a strange man stick a tube up my ass....


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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: anaken ()
Date: April 11, 2007 01:36AM

this quesiton pops up on the board every 2 weeks or so it seems. Everyone will say no.

one thing I know without a single doubt. all the negative things people attribute to all the chemical and herbal cleansing products DO NOT apply to colon hydrotherapy. all criticisms are basically wives tales from people with no experience who might as well have tubes up their own asses. unless their opinion is "this is an unecesssary procedure with the proper diet..blah blah", or if they got a colonic and died, completly disregard it. Unless you are worried about loosing money, there is nothing to worry about physically, and I suggest going, seeing what happens, keeping your ears open, as well as body responsive, and make up your own mind.

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: anaken ()
Date: April 11, 2007 01:42AM

Also, not sure what oxy powder is but my personal belief is except in rare cases you don't want to injest anything other then food or water, ever. nevermind to cure or fix something. thats where hygiene makes sence, no?

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: April 11, 2007 12:00PM

I've been injesting oxy powder - every 3 days, about 20 caps - it's supposed to be the best colon cleanser - literally melts the @#$%& away - I don't have time to explain byt they have a web site...

It is not supposed to work like a laxative....
that's what they say...

It produces butt sqirts - like the SWF...But the SWF is partically absorbed, for me anyway..

I will go Wednesday..but I am SCARED - I mean some strange GUY sticking a tube up me ass???

like, does HE get right in there - kmow what I mean?

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: Wheatgrass Yogi ()
Date: April 11, 2007 03:09PM

I'd say stay away from Colonics. I used to own a Colema Board and did-it-myself, but the water never got into the colon high enough for a thorough cleansing. Colon Irrigations, by a Professional, might do better with stomach massage, but I wouldn't want another person working on me. Have a little self-respect!! Just take Oxy-Powder and clean from the top, down.......WY

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: lemoned ()
Date: April 11, 2007 04:56PM

Well I as a woman (I don't know your gender) would feel not too excited about doing that procedure with a man conducting it. I went to this small place run by this lady and found her very nice. Granted, it's not fun to have a tube up your bum for 30+ minutes. I got a stomach massage during the procedure etc. but not too much waste came out, even though according to that lady, the water went all the way up to the other end. I just wrote yesterday that afterwards, I felt not so great like I heard people do. I felt like I had had diarrhea for a few days, lots of electrolytes etc. gone and weak legs.

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: Dulset ()
Date: April 11, 2007 06:01PM

This from []

"In reality, colonics can actually encourage the growth of bacteria in our colons. One of the primary functions of the colon is to reabsorb into the body much of the water that has been used in the digestive process. Removing water decreases the opportunity for bacterial growth, as bacteria need water to grow (like all living things). Colonics reintroduce water into an otherwise perfect breeding ground for bacteria (dark, warm, waste-filled), which increases bacterial growth (including yeast), which causes fermentation and putrefaction, which is the cause of bloating. If bloating is a symptom you've been suffering with, colonics offer no help and can only exacerbate the situation."

Probably won't be bad for you though cause of all the cleansing you've done.

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: Prism ()
Date: April 11, 2007 07:21PM

I started with raw foods, then did enemas, then went to colonics by a professional. I really liked the colonics, and the lady was nice, atmosphere was private, and the colonic is hardly noticable.

The after effects made me feel light, and I think it helped with keeping me on the raw food track. I think too depending on age, and or health, it can get into the little turns, nooks and crannies, and pits that run along a colon.

This is just my experience and opinion.


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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: singinraw ()
Date: April 11, 2007 07:56PM

Hi rawrnr
awwwwww don't be scared. I do understand what you mean about having a guy do it though. Don't worry its really not that bad you roll on your side when they put the hose in and you have blanket over you too, it always feels more scary then it really is I mean I worried alot too of course it was really alot easier than I imagined though really smiling smiley

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: April 11, 2007 08:18PM

ive had it done too .. it wasnt so bad i was nervous the first time too ..they keep you well covered and only expose what they need too.

as far as the benefits go .. i didnt feel much different after ..i tried them about a half dozen times

mind you i was on a sad diet then so... smiling smiley

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: dancerinthenight ()
Date: April 11, 2007 08:51PM

I have done a lot of colonics in my day. And a lot of enemas. I think in moderation they are most likely harmless. But in a long-term situation, I would advise against it - I do think it disturbs the ecosystem and robs the body of friendly flora. That is just my thought on the matter.

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Re: colon irrigation
Posted by: anaken ()
Date: April 13, 2007 12:05AM

my experience:

I have not consumed any cleansing product ever, I have not consumed anything even Hygienically toxic (garlic, salt, spices, etc... in some time) I practice every aspect of healthful living I can, spent almost 4 months recently getting as much rest as I desired, and exercise sometimes up to 2 hours a day, shuffling between body-weight and the gym.

I eat a low fat raw vegan whole foods mostly mono-fruit diet with a large amount of fiberous greens daily. my elimination is flawless, I gave up siting for squatting awhile back and a few feet drop daily, effortlessly in seconds.

even so, every so often If I get symptomatic in any unexplained way, I make sure to check in and do colon hydrotherapy, and sure enough black ancient hard matter flys out of my system every time..after all the ancient gaseous waste. you can see it in a clear tube. the massage really makes things happen. my treatments last sometimes twice as long then on average and are super intense, perhaps because of my 'light' diet of fruits. it is probably true that many people involved in hydrotherapy use it as an excuse to eat crap, or at least less 'optimal' diets.

now as for muccoid plaque I don't know enough to comment yay or nay. I do know that its a misconception that the purpose of getting colonics is to remove all the stored waste in the colon from years of poor eating. it is about dealing with the waste building up in your cells stirred up from eating a clean diet . since what we were brought up eating, and what are genetics are built on is not natural, the body it turns out, isn't all that efficient as removing these cellular toxins on its own (although I would never dispute someone having success without doing such practices). An interesting note on that however is sometimes people on the purely hygienic approach, who after 10 years, 15 years, have started to not feel so hot, some even start integrating things like raw meat, now bear with me, the only reason i'm bringing this up is they are able to do this without getting extremely ill. why? because they have never truly cleansed. (which is why they felt not so hot in the first place)

its the juicing/colonics fellows who eat the meat and then drop dead instantly. make your own decision around that one.

theres even a recent post by Graham on vegsource about eating raw fish. basically his opinion (other than ethical ones which he DOES list ) is that it is a simply a less then optimal and unnecessary food!

" If you are truly talking 1%, meaning that you might eat fish once
or twice per year, the detrimental effect won't be so big, but
neither would the "variety and other benefits" you mention."

heressome more specific info from another young guy with some decent tidbits

"Our bodies are comprised of millions of cells. These cells have been forced to inflate and expand in size to accommodate all the waste stored in our bodies from years of poor eating. The waste is stored as gaseous carbonic acid. Once the harmful foods have been eliminated completely from your diet, the body doesn't have to work on those processed ingredients anymore and immediately starts improving your cellular chemistry. Your oversized cells contract, shrink, and they begin to pour out that gaseous waste. This 'outpour' detox can be very uncomfortable. People get sick, feel ill or moody, and go through intense cravings for foods they used to eat. Usually we blame the diet, become convinced it's not working and start suspecting it could even be dangerous, and then we either quit or cheat.

There have been many cases of big-bellied people eating a Standard American Diet for many decades. Some tried the 100% Raw Food diet. At first, the results are fantastic. They lose 50 pounds and have incredible energy. As time goes by and the detox goes deeper, these same individuals lose energy, don't feel well, get a runny nose, and their face starts to look older. They are bathing in their waste, even if the bowels are emptying three times a day. They need colon hydrotherapy to keep up with all that is being excreted by the cells. If they are not able to do colon hydrotherapy, I would highly suggest they get off the CLEANSING 100% Raw Food diet.

Colonics remove the solid waste from our colon, but that is not the main objective. Many colon machines have a viewing window where you can look at what is coming out of your colon during the session. In addition to solid waste, you can also see many tiny bubbles leaving the body. The bubbles are that carbonic acid gaseous waste! That is what we are most interested in getting rid of. There have been many examples of people's rings falling off their fingers during a colonic. Why does this happen? Our fingers are comprised of thousands of cells. That solid matter, our finger, is a puzzle piece of cells. Remember, our cells have expanded and become bigger to accommodate that carbonic acid gaseous waste. When these clogged people did a colonic, they 'unclogged the sink' and that gaseous waste was free to leave their cells. This release of carbonic acid allowed the cells to shrink and become smaller, which shrunk their fingers, causing the rings to fall off. They deflated! You can sometimes see when people are kind of inflated and need to get this done."

from Matt Monarch's blog How to go Raw

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