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Here's What You Can Do About Codex
Posted by: kwan ()
Date: April 11, 2007 02:52PM

Hi all,
This should really be on the main list, but I know the moderators will put it here, so I'll go ahead and put it here. This is one of the most powerful, important letters I've read in quite some time. Please give it a moment of your time and follow the few steps it outlines. Thanks.



Winning the Health Freedom War

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III

(US Army, Ret)

President, Natural Solutions Foundation

Through the not-for-profit Natural Solutions Foundation, Dr. Rima and I have been fighting to protect your Health and Health Freedom for quite a while now. In fact, we gave up a lucrative private medical practice to do so and have put about $500,000 of our own money into this fight. That, along with supporters' donations and our joint fierce determination have gotten us this far. I do not engage in loosing campaigns and this IS a war we can win!

You've heard us refer to this struggle as a war. Recently, the other side escalated the struggle into a full-out war on freedom, not "just" health freedom. Your awareness and activism is the crucial factor which will win this war. Go to the action pages on our web site and take all of the following actions:

1. The FDA is, once again, trying to remove your right to make your own health choices and treat your body the way you see fit. Public comment ends on April 30.

If you value your ownership of your own body, do not delay. Go to


and submit your comments AT ONCE, then forward the link to everyone you know. 67 thousand comments have been submitted to the FDA to date through our comments page. We need approximately 5 million. You must forward this information to your entire circle of contacts, including professionals and companies so they can share it with their own lists.

2. If you are a Citizen of the US, sign our Citizens Petition:


This is a legal action against the US Government as authorized by the US Constitution. It holds the US Government accountable for violating US law regarding supplements and its intent to "HARMonize" with Codex in violation of 3 separate US laws. The Citizens Petition is the first step in legal proceedings against the US Government. Citizens may join this action by signing their names to the Citizens Petition. Make sure you inform everyone you know that they can join it, too, and how to do it. We already have well over 40,000 people in this campaign for the rule of law.

3. Contact every talk radio station you know of and tell your favorite hosts to study and inform themselves and their audiences about the Codex battle. Send them a copy of this letter and give them our contact address: Dr. Rima and I regularly appear on talk shows to let audiences know what is in store for them if they let the other side win. Let your radio host know that we are available for their show, too.

4. Fill the war chest. Your tax deductible (donation [] ) is urgently needed. Armies don't run on air. The other side has more money than Croesus. We need your support. Now!

The Day They Escalated the War

The day they escalated the war started normally enough. We had an early morning meeting that was postponed until later, and then postponed until tomorrow. Frustrating, but not out of the ordinary when you are meeting with high level decision makers with frantic schedules. Then came the real shocker: back at the email corral, a supporter and good friend wrote to let us know that the website for the Natural Solutions Foundation,, was off line.

A little investigation showed us that it had been blocked by, our hosting company. Emails telling us that the web site was down began flooding in. Our webmaster told us that we were the object of a type of attack in which a bank of computers (including yours if computing power has been hijacked) was focused on our site and, by sending out huge numbers of access requests, was crashing it.

When our webmaster put up a temporary site telling people what was happening (using our address, ) HIS server, and all the sites he hosts, were taken down by the same kind of attack (known in the trade as DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service). When he took our temporary site off his server, the DDOS attack stopped at once. His sites and server came back on line within minutes. When a DDOS occurs, the system simply cannot handle it and crashes.

Hosting companies try to protect the rest of their system by blocking the individual site under attack. Our hosting company, however, did not come clean with us and tell us the real story. Instead, they tried to give us a @#$%& and bull story about a problem with our credit card and would not restore service until we got nasty. All of the credit card verification process and the DDOS learning curve process took valuable time and energy BUT it also, started "Maggie's Drawers" waving wildly ("Maggie's Drawers" refers to the waving red flag used on the rifle range to alert the person firing that he/she has, not only failed to score points, but also has missed the target altogether). Our alert posture just went from orange to bright RED with Maggie's Drawers waving.

Speaking Truth to Power

Why was the Natural Solutions Foundation site attacked? For Speaking Truth to Power. The day before the attack was made to censor and silence us, we had distributed a really important email laying out the genocidal agendas not just of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the US Government, etc. but also asking whether the astonishingly profitable and deadly pharmaceuticals which kill more people than any other cause, any disease, in every industrialized country in the world might not be part of a plan to reduce population, too.

Some one, some entity, some organization does not want you to have this information and has turned to preemptive means to keep us silent. Previously they thought that smear tactics and disinformation spread on the internet about Natural Solutions Foundation and about Dr. Rima and me personally were enough. This escalation is an attack not just on our speech, but on your rights! And this attack on your rights is not just about your right to clean food and high potency nutrients. It is clearly an attack on your personal FREEDOM OF SPEECH and ours.

Whatever Happened to That Musty Old Hemp Parchment?

Whatever happened to that simple piece of hemp parchment called "The Constitution of these united States"? What happened to the First Amendment, and its guarantees of Free Speech? What happened to "Democracy"? Make no mistake: I devoted 32 years of service to my Country, in both peace and war, devoted to the defense of the Constitution. That meant defending every one of our rights.

We have written about our flights around the US. On every one our tickets are marked with a special electronic code, "SSSS" which singles Dr. Rima and me out for extensive and highly invasive screenings at airport security. Every single time we fly in the US! For speaking truth as we understand it.

Our email communications have been systematically censored and impeded so that for many months every email we sent to critical people in our circle of support went astray. A filter critical to telephone and internet service went missing from a telephone pole near our remote home during a 2 month trip last year (a "We know where you live" message). Our computers have been hacked, documents removed electronically (!) from them, etc., etc. What has happened to us as leading edge spokespersons can just as easily happen to you. The attack is not on the Natural Solutions Foundation. The attack is on Freedom.

What infringement of what right is next? Is Alex Jones correct? Do we now live on a Prison Planet? What happened to all those years in the service for my country when I believed I was defending ALL of our Constitutionally given FREEDOMS? Is this censorship and intimidation what I fought for? Is it what you want for expressing your opinions?

Is This a War?

You tell me: is this a war? To me as a soldier, a tactician and a strategist, it certainly feels like an assault, smells like an assault, sounds like an assault and looks very much like an act of WAR. Oh, by the way, in my last command, I was responsible for the Army's strategic intelligence and security AND for its counterintelligence so I am not ignorant of the means through which this is done. When I was on active duty, our resources were all focused on the enemy. Has the Natural Solutions Foundation suddenly become an enemy? Are Dr. Rima and I enemies of the State? No, we are loyal supporters of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are also loyal proponents of your right to own your body and treat it in the ways that you believe are right.

Let us assume for a moment that the electronic and other indicators and events I listed above are neither benign nor benevolent. Let's assume that the real intentions rest on shutting the Natural Solutions Foundation down so that we are effectively shut up. That's an act of aggression. It is an act of war, for speaking truths that some folks in high places do not want known publicly. It is not only an act of war directed just against us and the Natural Solutions Foundation but also an act of war against you and our own US Constitution.

Remember Civics 101? In it you learned that the core document in the United States is called the Constitution. Appended to it are 10 amendments collectively called the "Bill Of Rights". The first of those amendments guarantees us FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

A War Against Humanity?

What if the war is not just against the US Constitution? What if, as we suggested in our email outlining the intentional genocidal agenda, it is a war against humanity?

The mind recoils. This possibility raises thoughts, questions, observations, possibilities and actions which do not fit our known reality. None of the questions raised are benign. Possible answers are scary and foreboding, forcing us to look at horrific scenarios.

This is where the military training, the exercises, the planning processes, the preparation of Estimates of Situations, the operations in an actual combat zone stands us in good stead.

Assume for a moment that our worst fears are accurate, that powerful forces wielding immense impact do, in fact, intend to cull the earth of its "useless eaters" in the ways that our recent email made documented and made clear. Then we are at WAR with an enemy committed to our destruction, an enemy we have been conditioned to see as benign, to trust and admire. That enemy includes high level elements of industries and organizations we have never questioned the intent of. After you finish this email, take a look at NUTRICIDE: THE KILLING CAMPS OF CODEX ALIMENTARIUS[] and watch Dr. Rima's lecture on the topic (on our home page) for more information. The propaganda war has been in progress for decades and most of us did not even notice it.

Living in Hell Requires New Thought Patterns

WAR is HELL so, by its very nature it requires a whole different set of thought processes from ordinary reality. First and foremost, war is not a game. The best way to make sure you have plenty of casualties is to view war as a casual process -- witness the First Gulf War and now Iraq for starters. The implementation and exploitation of both of these wars were taken lightly and the non-casual nature of both was sadly underestimated. Witness the casualties of Gulf War Syndrome, the deaths and war injuries imposed upon the under manned, under equipped and casually/hastily deployed army sent into harm's way in Iraq to implement political, not military aims.

Second, many people would have you believe that war is played with the gloves off and there are no rules. However, I would challenge the hypothesis of "No Rules". If you want to fight a losing war, fight it without rules. A winning war ALWAYS follows the rules. As Sun Tzu, the amazing 3rd or 4th century Chinese author of "The Art of War" (the military bible that lays out those rules) wrote "The Art of War, then, is governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in ones deliberations, when seeking to determine the conditions pertaining in the field.

1. Moral Law
2. Heaven
3. Earth
4. The Commander
5. Methods and Discipline

As a Cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point I was fascinated with our studies in Military Art, the study of the Science of War. We studied the "Great Captains", the "Leaders", the "Generals", the "Heroes" and the "Failures" of wars throughout the centuries. Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Alexander The Great, Caesar, Napoleon, Rommel, Lee, Sherman, Patton, Macarthur, Hitler are just a microcosm of the leaders and failures, their campaigns and the wars we studied. I resonated with the Science of War so much that I asked to come back as an instructor in Military Art and Engineering. Alas, fate was simultaneously kind and unkind. I did return to teach at West Point as a Professor, but in another favorite subject (Chemistry) not Military Art.

The Principles of War

However, the seeds of my fascination with the Science of War were sown as a West Point Cadet. I continued to study and apply the lessons learned from the "Great Campaigns" and from current events. When I was in "Nam" as the G-2 (Intelligence Officer) of the 25th Infantry Division, I kept Sun Tzu's small book ("The Art of War"winking smiley on my desk. Sun Tzu was a Chinese General in either the 3rd or 4th century BC. We are not exactly sure when he lived, but we are sure of the wisdom he spoke. It is a phenomenal bible for every military leader. From it, armies the world over derive the "Principles of War" that their militaries teach, preach and (when they win wars) follow today. These Principles vary slightly from country to country, but their essence remains the same. If one plans around and pays attention to the "Principles" the probability of success in a war goes up. Way up! It is not a guarantee, but it sure helps in analyzing the problem and then developing solutions. If one ignores the "Principles of War" you court serious dangers and likely defeat.

What about the war that has appeared on our doorstep? Let's talk about that and why we honestly believe that two ordinary people can actually overcome the mammoth display of powers arrayed against us. Let's talk about the "Principles of War" for a moment.


The first, and perhaps most important, Principle of War is the "Objective". In any campaign the Goal/ Mission/ Direction must be clear, absolute, carefully articulated and then meticulously followed. The Goal/Objective of the Natural Solutions Foundation is simple and direct "Protect all of our Health Freedoms". This means, for instance, if you choose to use vitamins and minerals instead of antibiotics then that should be your choice. If you choose to flip flop that last choice and prefer the antibiotics over the vitamins and minerals, then that is also your choice. Clean foods free of genetically modified components (GMOs) with clear and accurate labeling should be available so you can choose to eat them or not. That information must not be withheld from you by a paternalistic federal regulatory agency "to prevent you from making the wrong choice" "for your own good".

Health Choices Belong to You, Not the State

The choices, however, must be yours to make, not someone else's. Worse yet, those choices must not be made for you by some entity that would prefer you to be sick (or dead) in order to extend corporate greed and other longer term, more sinister agendas. Your health freedom, however, extends far beyond just food and vitamins and minerals. It includes other Health Freedom issues such as:
Vaccines and the right to choose to vaccinate or not rather than mandatory vaccination
Compulsory "screening" and drugging for supposed "mental illness
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) admixed with your food and intentionally unlabeled
Antibiotics and Growth Hormones in your food without labeling
Fluoride in water and foods
Artificial pandemics like Bird Flu and measures to control them - and you
• Use of natural medicine procedures, including, but not limited to, your choice of herbs, vitamins and minerals
Natural (bioidentical) hormones in preference to synthetic ones.
• Refusing to be microchipped or have one's animals microchipped.

Health is complex and so is freedom. Without a doubt, there will be other Health Freedom issues that will arise along the way. When they do, the Natural Solutions Foundation will sound the new drum(s) as they appear and alert the troops. Right now, however, our main focus remains on CODEX which we believe to be the greatest single threat to your health and, through the regulatory structure in place in the US and elsewhere, to your freedom of choice as a consumer, patient and citizen which we have ever faced.

Osama Bin Who?

Let's go back to Objective/Goal. Shortly after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center our stated National "Objective" was to "get Bin Laden". Despite immediate statements by the powers that be that Iraq was in no way involved, our objective shifted rapidly from Bin Laden, the purported perpetrator, to Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

What's wrong with this picture? The "Objective", as articulated by the decision makers, never changed. It is certainly clear that Bin Laden is not and was not then in Iraq. One must then ask the all important question: "What are we doing in Iraq if Bin Laden is not in Iraq"? If our national Objective was to insure the capture or demise of Bin Laden, but all of our intelligence information indicated that Bin Laden was elsewhere then we either had the wrong Objective or we lost connection with our Objective and started down a very wrong and very slippery slope. The point is simple. Your "Objective provides the focus and then keeps you pointed and moving in the right direction. Ignore it and you wander down wrong alleys with serious consequences (i.e. more than 3,000 American soldiers Killed In Action and more than 21,000 Wounded In Action -- to say nothing about the vast numbers of Iraqi dead and wounded).

The Object Is Victory, Not Battles

Sun Tzu put it perfectly when he said: "In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns". We are already into a lengthy and costly campaign in Iraq and, at least theoretically, we are still looking for Bin Laden.

My "Objective" in writing this communiqué brings the focus once more to the serious attack on our web site intended to silence it and intimidate the Natural Solutions Foundation. A sophisticated attack like a DDOS is clearly a weapon designed to curtail our ability to speak. It is an attack on our Freedom of Speech. It's an attack on your Freedom of Speech, too.

Whether the attacker is a government agency or a commercial one, our speech, our truth, feels dangerous to them and they will use illegal means to silence it. Make no mistake: DDOS is illegal. If this is the work of a government agency, then our Constitution is in serious jeopardy. If it is the work of a commercial entity then our information is not welcome to them. In either case, by attempting to stifle us, the agency responsible for the attack has made one thing very clear: our take on their genocidal agenda is accurate. It is also evident that they do not want the TRUTH known.

Furthermore, the responsible entity has turned to extreme measures to keep that TRUTH from the public. In either event, Speaking TRUTH to Power has becomes the issue. Who is the Power to whom we are speaking?

YOU must stand as the speaker right along with the Natural Solutions Foundation. A great aggregate army of informed people can move to change the world. Keep that same army in the dark and you can control them. Illuminate the truth and suddenly you have an army of warriors armed with the ultimate power: TRUTH. This information is so potent and, we have learned, so accurate, that it has warranted an illegal attack and an open declaration of WAR!



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