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Permanent Eye Infection Site
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 23, 2006 08:04PM

I'm pretty troubled about my left eye at the moment.

On and off, I've had the worst fits of needle sensations in this eye, followed by alot of itching and burst vessels.

There seems to be little raised spots on the right side of my pupil (left in photo).
I'm afraid that the vessels providing my pupil with blood and oxygen are being diverted to the site of an apparent infection and risking deterioration of my sight.

In addition, the eye looks very unsightly.

What can I do?

I've tried warm tea bags but they ownly seem to irritate more.
Would I be risking making it worse by washing it in wheatgrass? At this stage I'm nearly going to go to my doctor. I have NO faith in my GPs.. I'm sure he'd just say "Use these steroids" which I'll say no to, as I used them for months before. Maybe antibiotic drops would work? But not if it's viral.
This is ruining my confidence.
Any help greatly appreciated!

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