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Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: October 30, 2007 11:40AM

Hi First post here (day 9 of my 40 day raw food trial)

I have heard people say blackstrap Molasses is good for you; full of minerals. Is there a problem drinking a cup of hot water with a spoonful of molasses that I should be aware of? I know it is not 'Living' but neither is Bentonite clay and that is good for the body is it not?

Any thoughts would be welcome.


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Re: Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by: LikeItOrNot ()
Date: October 30, 2007 07:16PM

Hi. It's has a lot of health benefits and definitley won't hurt you.

It's just not technically "raw". I used to use it for the cheap and easy calcium boost. It's also "alkalizing" whichis another great thing. But I'd recommend hiding it in water might destroy some benefits. I Found it easy to get down when blending it with water, banannas and frozen berries.

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Re: Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by: rawnoggin ()
Date: November 01, 2007 11:13AM

I have a spoon every now and then- I eat it straight off the spoon ;-) - and my only problem with it is that if I don't immediately brush my teeth, it gets me in the mood for more sugar and/or salt.

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