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car accident pain
Posted by: uncwsurf ()
Date: December 05, 2007 01:43AM

I was involved in a car accident about a week ago where I was rear-ended and also pushed into the car in front of me. I have some neck,back, and headache pain from all of this. I also think that I had a mild concussion since I have been having some concentration and memory problems since then. I'm trying to figure out the best way to relieve some of my pain. Of course the hospital prescribed me with pain pills and muscle relaxers, but I am trying not to take these. I have been having trouble going to sleep with the pain, but sleep way too long if I take even half of a muscle relaxer (12hrs last night). Any suggestions of ways to help relieve some of the pain without all the medications?

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Re: car accident pain
Posted by: Prism ()
Date: December 06, 2007 07:06PM

I pretty much went thru exact same thing over 10 years ago, and it took a week for stiffness and pain to show up on my right leg, starting from ankle and then up from there to my lower back. It was chronic and became worse thru the years until I found some miracles in my life to help. With what I know now, I would...

De-stress the body with alkalizing baths, you can use hydrogen peroxide 3% (starting with small amounts like 1/3 C and going up from there until you might actually be using half or all the bottle for a bath) baking soda 1 lb. or approx. (around there, less is ok to start with,) and Epsom Salts(start slow with that also like around 1/2 C in as hot water as you like. You can finish with cool water, and or shower off with cool water to get all the toxins out before drying off. A few times a week would be good, or maybe even nightly for first week or two.

Eat alkalizing foods, to get your body from acidic state to one that is in alkaline state, you can check out Sapote Brooks website, as he has a graph that is really cool, and a diet protocol for that. It's all raw.

Do lots of gentle stretches to keep the muscles, ligaments, tendons from bunching up and creating scar tissue which then is painful and most difficult to get rid of. Use an exercise ball pumped to full capacity and sit on it as much as you can, it helps with movement and you don't even realize much of it.

Keep your digestion going with raw foods, lots of fresh fruits, massaging your whole tummy area, to move things along also helps with it not being stagnant and creating toxic waste and acidic environment. If you eat anything SAD finish with pro-biotic and some little fresh pineapple or papaya for digestion.

Dump the pain pills if you can. For sleeping try taking a gram of your favorite magnesium along with same amount of vit-c, the magnesium is wonderful relaxer and vit-c helps a lot of things, too many to name. Or just use the magnesium for restful sleep.

Add some Bragg raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar to your daily diet, maybe in a warm/hot drink of water with honey or blackstrap molasses. It helps to removed the lactic acid from your stress from accident that builds up in the muscles by way of the malic acid in the acv. 1-3 T a day is good, before meals usually, or even in salad dressing.

Take care,

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