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Raw Vegan Semi-Longhair rescue Kitten needs permanent home!
Date: March 15, 2010 05:41PM

Well, he is not entirely raw vegan. He likes to eat many foods. But this is some amazing kitten for a rawfoodist to live with. He LOVES NaturalZing brand fruit and nut bars, and he will not leave you alone if you are eating Vivapura brand goji berries or Vivapura Spirulina Crunchies, which he adores (I mix it into all his food, but it doesn't stop him from stealing mine and then walking all over the place with blue-green long-haired paws!). He will ASK you for Raw From the Farm brand dried cherries. I add Vivapura brand Chia Seeds (soaked) to all his non-raw vegan meals, for EFAs and the extra fat and protein kittens can use! And, as you could bet, he is a beautiful healthy cat with a beautiful coat and lots of energy for playing. He's a stunner! My rescue charity is seeking a permanent home for him around NYC/NY/NJ/CT/MA/Philadelphia. To see photos, please see the ad at for him by doing a site-search for keyword "chia" in the Community category! And then if you might be interested in adoption, please follow the procedure mentioned in the post. I'd love to win a really cool home for him, a home where he'd still get his Superfoods! Thank you, everyone.

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