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Earn good money, side income, cash with my new RAW STAR Home business! INFO...
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: September 18, 2010 01:49AM

Hi everyone, people love my RAW STAR Ceramic Knives because they are the best price, design, quality, craftsmanship and the only Eco Green ones available and the only ones with Eco Luxurious Bamboo Handles and the only 8" black ceramic knife available in the World.

They do have a life time guarantee, warranty, so if you need them to be replaced or sharpened you can return to me and I will have them resharpened or reshapened and returned to you but you have to pay for shipping and handling both ways which is $5 each way, this is a standard lifetime warranty and guarantee in the ceramic knife industry. There are other ceramic knives on the market but their prices or designs are terrible and are made out of plastic handles with plastic packaging not eco or natural at all and many sell white ceramic which stains and is outdated cheaper materials only black ceramic is new and the best, 2nd hardest to diamonds and won't stain, won't rust, will not react with food so it keeps food fresher longer so saves you money and your health by keeping metal, metal ions and nickel out of your food.

So how do you make $$$ from it? Many people love it and they asked me if they can resell it and many people ask me all the time how they can make money from promoting raw food or if I have ways for them to make extra cash the answer now is YES!


It is Multi Level! OK before you freak out or run away don't worry I hate Multi Level Marketing and Sales too they usually do not work at least none that I have ever tried. But I decided to make mine different and it is obviously good and in your favor. I will explain how now:

Most Multi Level Marketing and Sales programs have steep entrance fees and they force you to be on AUTO SHIP each month in order for you to maintain your "Status and Commissions." I do not have that. In fact I designed this program to be in your favor, help make you money, a side income and it can become your main income as well. Everyone is suffering from the poor economy but there are still products and ways to earn cash and income.

The reason why this will work is EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD HIGH QUALITY KNIFE! Regardless of what they are eating, if they buy books or not, if they like raw or not, a good high quality knife is something people love, use everyday, is mainstream, is in every house, home, kichen, restaurant, hotel, it is something everyone uses everyday all the time, is practical, useful, affordable, some people even collect knives. Pro Knife shops LOVE my RAW STAR Knife and they sell out each month too.

So this is how it works. First you have to E-mail me directly at: and tell me you want to do this RAW STAR Multi Level Marketing so I can keep track of your name/downline/sales.

Next you have to buy the COMPLETE SET so you will have them to show to people and make your sales. You have to buy the FIRST COMPLETE SET at FULL RETAIL Prices then you can buy all other RAW STAR Ceramic Knives at slightly above Wholesale Prices which is slightly above 1/2 off of these full retail prices:

8"= $80
7"= $70
6"= $60
4"= $25

Folding Knife= $65

Normally Kyocera's 7" and 6" black ceramic knife with wooden handle is $300 and $200 each so this is obviously a bargain price! Also most folding black ceramic knives are $100 to $200 each mine is only $65 so when you tell people these obvious price differences they will love it too. And CERAMIC is the BEST knife most high tech, 2nd hardest to diamonds, Nasa Space Technology adapted for kitchen knives and use.

So complete SET = $300 TOTAL

It comes with Catalog so you can show people or stores, also script and info you can use.

Then after you buy the complete set, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get it so please order quickly and it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get any orders so the more you can order the better as you will have them on hand. Your "WHOLESALE PRICES" is 1/2 off retail plus a little extra I will e-mail you your wholesale prices.


You can have 5 levels deep or 5 levels of Downline with 10 people per level. Or 50 people all together I have to limit it to that at first, later on I may increase it but for now that is what it is.

For each person you REFER that signs up and buys a complete SET from me you get paid $50.
And I use, you get $50 to you INSTANTLY right after they order their Complete Set.

Then you get paid each MONTH from all of your downline's sales too! So :

When ANY of your downline buys or sells a :

8" from me you get PAID $5
7" you get $5
6" you get $3
4" you get $2

Folding Knife you get $5

This can add up quickly and a lot how? Here is how:

Say you sign up just 5 people that is already $250 for you instantly into your if you sign up 10 then = $500! Then whenever any of those 10 people buys or sells a knife you get paid more money at the end of each month and I will keep track of all sales, downline, etc. you just have to e-mail me and I will e-mail you back the info, sales, your commissions. And this will last for 1 year, after 1 year we will see how it is working if sales are good and things are going well we can expand your downline, commissions, etc. if not then I may end the program after 1 year from today.

But the people you refer when they refer people you get paid too, so your 2nd level when people that you refer when they refer people that is your 2nd Downline or Level when they sign up and buy a complete Set you get PAID $25 from each, 3rd level you get $10 each, 4th level you get $5 each 5th level you get $5 each, but you still get PAID from each sale depending on which size and everyone that is their upline and downline gets PAID from each sale too.

So lets say you referred 10 people and they referred 10 people and you finally get all 10 people 5 levels deep so it is 50 people altogether, each time they get people to sign up you get PAID, each time they buy or sell you also GET PAID through

But when you buy or sell you also still get PAID your commission too. So as you can see you can be earning $1,000 extra cash a month, $2,000 extra cash or more. Depending on how well your Downline does and you should e-mail and help your downline because if they are selling to family, friends, stores, health food stores, knife shops, etc. each time they sell you are making and getting PAID $$$!

Part of the reason why I am doing this is I truly believe everyone should own and have at least one or more of my RAW STAR Ceramic Knives they are that cool and that good, you can see the photos, prices, videos and info at:


Or e-mail me at for more info or questions watch this video:


I truly believe and love RAW STAR Ceramic Knives and you will too, people usually buy one to try it out and they love it so much they buy more for themselves and for friends and family, it makes a great gift!

Bryan Au

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