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Raw recipes needed
Posted by: Mrs. Humes ()
Date: January 10, 2011 08:30PM


I am in the process of collecting raw food recipes and even raw food articles for future publication on a raw food website. I am writing to you to ask if you would contribute a recipe or several, and/or some information on eating raw foods.

If you would be so kind as to share some of your raw food recipes with me, I will give credit you and give you a link to your site. Please also include a picture of the finished dish with any of the recipes that you allow me to use.

I am especially interested in obtaining recipes that fit into the categories below:

fermented foods
dehydrator recipes
smoothies recipes
raw vegan recipes
raw dessert
raw apple cake
raw meals in a blender
your favorite raw recipe

Information categories that I would love you input, your thoughts and feelings are these:

what dehydrated model you like best and why
information on raw food for weight loss
suggestions on raw food meal plans
your testimony as how raw food changed your life
tips on how to start to eat raw
sprouting—what works, what doesn't
information that you feel would be helpful to people interested in eating raw

I will credit you and link to your website with whatever materiel you let me use. However I do reserved the right to modify any content you you provide me with. All information that you provide me with will be the sole property of myself.

I look forward to hearing from you. Just PM me. Thank you.

Mary Jane Humes

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