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50 Health Books!
Posted by: oceansunset ()
Date: August 19, 2014 08:45PM

Hi. I have put these up for sale on ebay. If anyone is interested please bid on them on ebay. Thank you!

Hi. This listing is for 50 health books and all the titles are listed below. Many of them are quite rare and either can't be bought or are very expensive. The condition of them is from acceptable to very good just depends on the book. I am being cautious when trying to describe the condition of these books. i think you would be pleased at the condition of a lot of these books. Some I bought new and didn't even really read them, just flipped through them. I have always taken great care of my books and don't bend them or write in them or highlight in them etc. I have bought most of these brand new and have been the only owner. I do know a few books have a little writing in the end recipe part where I checked or altered a few recipes and maybe a few books have highlighting or writing that was given to me. If those are still part of the collection I can't remember. A few of the books also have some loose pages or sections of them that are loose but are still there to be read as part of the book. I am offering these books for $225 with free shipping them to you via U.S. Mail Book Rate.

Please note - There is a slight issue which is why I priced these books the way I did. They do have a hint of musty - old bookstore type smell to them. However, I don't see any visible signs of mold or yellowing or anything like that. I read you can put a book in a freezer bag with some baking soda into a deep freezer and leave it in for a week and it will remove the musty smell completely. I did try that with these books so they may still have some baking soda residue on them inside the pages, etc. I also have put them out in the hot Idaho sun to air out and freshen them up. In my opinion, it worked well but if whoever buys these books did this process again, it would probably remove the hint of the musty smell completely from the books. No guarantee. That's just my opinion.

I am selling these because of a pending move overseas and I don't want to leave them behind in storage.

Please look up some of the book titles and you will see how rare and expensive a lot of these books are. It took me a lot of years to collect these and I know someone will really enjoy these! There is a lot of life left to this book collection! I considered all the issues from the overall condition in general of the books being sold as a lot to the hint of musty smell to them when coming up with a fair price. Otherwise these would have been sold individually and at much higher prices. Thank you!

The Science and Fine Art of Natural Hygiene - The Hygienic System - Volume 1 - by Herbert M. Shelton

The Science and Fine Art of Food and Nutrition - The Hygienic System - Volume 2 - by Herbert M. Shelton

The Science and Fine Art of Fasting - The Hygienic System - Volume 3 - by Herbert M. Shelton

Man’s Higher Consciousness by Hilton Hotema

Long - Life in Florida by Hilton Hotema

How Long Do You Choose to Live? - A Question of a Lifetime by Peter Ragnar

Awakening Our Self Healing Body - A Solution to the Health Care Crisis by Arthur M. Baker, M.A.

Enzyme Nutrition - The Food Enzyme Concept by Dr. Edward Howell with a foreword by Linda Clark

Coconut Cures - Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut - by Bruce Fife, N.D.

Oil Pulling Therapy - Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing by Dr. Bruce Fife

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

The Clay Cure - Natural Healing from the Earth by Ran Knishinsky

Life in the 21st Century compiled by Viktoras Kulvinskas

Survival into the 21st Century - Planetary Healers Manual - by Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S.

A Handbook for Vibrant Living - Eight Keys to Optimal Health by Loren Lockman

Cleanse and Purify Thyself - Revised Edition 2 - by Dr. Richard Anderson, N.D.

Cleanse and Purify Thyself - Book 1.5 - by Richard Anderson, N.D.

Dying to Cleanse by Steven Hurwitz

Maximizing Your Nutrition by Dennis Nelson

Visions of Health - Understanding Iridology by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Donald V. Bodeen

Another Heart in His Hand - A Spiritual Anomaly - by J. Jaye Gold

Primordial Food - A Wild Blue-Green Alga with Unique Health Properties by Christian Drapeau, MSc.

The Natural Way to Vibrant Health by Dr. N.W. Walker

Golden Path to Rejuvenation by Morris Krok

Diet Health and Living on Air by Morris Krok

Toxemia Explained by J.H. Tilden, M.D.

The Miracle of Fasting by Paul C. Bragg, N.D.

Your Natural Diet - Alive Raw Foods by T.C. Fry and David Klein

The History of Natural Hygiene by Hereward Carrington

How to Keep Your Body Pure by Herbert M. Shelton, T.C. Fry, George S. Weger and others

Prescription for Life by Edward A. Taub, M.D.

Mucusless Diet Healing System by Prof. Arnold Ehret

Rebounding to Better Health - A Practical Guide to the Ultimate Exercise by Linda Brooks

Looking Good Feeling Great by Karol Kuhn Truman with Alan Parkinson (about Rebounding)

Jumping for Health by Dr. Morton Walker

Living Healthy in a Toxic World by David Steinman and R. Michael Wisner

Sugar Blues by William Dufty

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko

I Am Grateful by Terces Engelhart with Orchid

The High Energy Diet Recipe Guide by Dr. Douglas N. Graham

Raw ‘n Delish Vibrant Recipes by Living Nutrition Publications

Living Nutrition’s Favorite Alive Raw Food Recipes

The Complete Book of Raw Food - Second Edition - Revised and Expanded - by Julie Rodwell, Editor

Uncooking with Jameth and Kim by Jameth Dina, N.D. and Kim Sproul, N.D.

How We All Went Raw - Raw Food Recipe Book - by Charles Nungesser, Coralanne Nungesser, George Nungesser

The Raw Food Gourmet - Going Raw for Total Well-Being - by Gabrielle Chavez

Warming Up to Living Foods by Elysa Markowitz

The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon

Simply Vegan - Quick Vegetarian Meals by Debra Wasserman

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