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Seeking community in Brazil
Posted by: Volsunfoodie ()
Date: April 23, 2015 03:40PM

Hello! we are an artistic, open- minded, hardworking couple with a baby on the way! We are looking for communities here in Brazil. We are very happy and upbeat. We have many years of combined experience in many areas of self sufficiency including, sustainable infrastructure set up, permaculture, bio-construction, agro-forestry, grey water management, tree and orchard care, water collection systems, composting systems, humanure set up and composting toilets, managing large scale community gardens and the greeting of and directing of volunteers, and much more. Also have experience as a nanny and providing child and home care and small scale garden care on homesteads. We love cooking, creating art, making music, and working on all endeavors of this sort. Have over 3 years of volunteer experience, and many of paid experience. We love peaceful living, meditation, yoga, juicing, living in the rhythm of the land, and nonviolent communication. We are longing to learn Portuguese and would love to language exchange, currently we are taking courses! We are native English speakers with Intermediate level of French and Spanish. We are looking for an opportunity to work with long term potential. Since we are expecting a baby, we are also seeking the perfect place with community to find a mid-wife and welcome in a new life and are seeking to become permanent residents and eventually citizens of Brazil. We maintain a responsible, upbeat work ethic and have a great love of the land and trees, a great love for all life. Prefer raw food community as we love live foods! Thank you blessing!

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