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Transresveratrol chelates copper
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 20, 2018 07:10AM

Some people worried about high copper in vegan diet


Transresveratrol chelates copper:

By contrast, transresveratrol was less potent than flavonoids (but more than trolox) as a scavenger of free radicals. Our data show that, like flavonoids, resveratrol protects LDL against peroxidative degradation by both chelating and free radical scavenging mechanisms. However, transresveratrol, which is by far the most potent chelator of copper, does not chelate iron.


Resveratrol at high doses can chelate minerals and can cause Achilles problems because copper is involved with collagen


Dosage must be small. Avoid megadosing


"As an extrapolation from data in other systems, Achilles tendons are thought to be composed of approximately 90% type I collagen that forms a hierarchical structure of fibrils, fibers, and fascicles bound together by small matrix molecules, such as proteoglycans29. The Achilles tendon insertion is composed of types II, IX, and X collagen, with type X collagen localized in the mineralized zone and type IX distributed throughout30."

The side effects of mega dosing on resveratrol reminds one of cipro, which can be devastating to Achilles. I saw horrors after only a few days on cipro.

Cipro antibiotic can cause Achilles tendon rupture

Theories suggest the drug may impede collagen formation or interrupt blood supply in joints, Albrecht says.


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