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Raw in Sweden
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: September 13, 2008 06:22PM

I'm currently reading the book 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas N. Graham. Being a vegetarian for some years now, I sort of got lost, what was the point. Ok, the animals, I don't want to eat friens. But my health was the same as when I grew up as a meat eater.

To the story I have to add a serious skin problem. I have to eat fabricated vitamin A in over dose not to look like a pink elephant in the skin (and that's also hurting a lot). Side effects from the medicine is problems with hair and nails. A lot of problems.

That lead me into some tests about what I was eating. First I threw out the micro wave, and in fact it got a little better, but not much. Then I had to look for new ideas. I took away all milk products, which I don't like too much anyway, but it was not enough. What then?

And then I remembered hearing some people talking about fruterians on TV. So I started to ask questions on the Internet, found the book, and here I am, one month into a new way of eating.

It does not work all days yet. Breakfast is ok, some days lunch too, and then I'm starting to have cravings for other things. This far I have allowed myself to eat nuts, or, from time to time also some bread with marmalade without sugar on. I know that if I just can endure a week, it will be easier after that. So I'm trying to write here now, hoping for some support from the forum, since I guess the fruterians in Sweden can be counted on one's fingers...

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Re: Raw in Sweden
Posted by: pampam ()
Date: September 15, 2008 01:04PM

What are you eating? I find eating nuts to be addicting and I try to stay away from them and just eat them on special occasions but sometimes I cave in and eat nuts. Bread is difficult for me as well but I discovered I have an alergy to the wheat, or maybe the leven? I went off being raw last winter and ate tons of bread but I did not feel very good in fact there were drastic mood fluctuations so I tapered off of eating bread. I am back to eating raw now and feeling much better. It takes a little time to get use to not eating the bread. Take it one day at a time and just experiment a bit. Is your skin condition exema? I hope it clears up for you. Eating raw will help.

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Re: Raw in Sweden
Posted by: Sapphire ()
Date: September 16, 2008 05:04PM

Hi Annbou:

I am trying to follow the 80/10/10 program as well, but lots of days I am higher than 10% for my fat intake. From what I have been reading, that is not unusual, and at first it's ok to have some extra fats. Eventually, your body will be more able to reduce to the desired levels without a lot of cravings.

Wishing you the best,


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Re: Raw in Sweden
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: September 18, 2008 01:38PM

Thanks to both of you.
I have a big problem with bread. I've stopped putting cheese on it, using non sugared marmalade instead, but there's still the bread to fight.

For breakfast I'm having (all sliced)
2 oranges
2 kiwi
1 banana

Lunch is harder. I'm trying to eat bananas as a base, and adding other fruits, like pears, apples, grapes etc.

Dinner: Salad with spinage, tomatoes, 1/3 avocado, egg-plant, cuecumber, and other vegetables. A huge dish. And dessert some fruits or berries that are really sweet and that I like, like blueberries,

This is the ideal, but I have a hard time to get through a full day. Normally I put in some bread around dinner time, and then have an evening salad meal. But some days I'm lost at lunch already...

Some of the problem is that my stomach needs time to adjust, too much fruits and it's not too happy (not a loo problem, but more like small aches in the stomach). I guess this is a period of transition for the stomach too, but when I feel it, I long for bread.

It's also a problem to eat enough, I guess I need a lot, but I'm not really able to eat that much.

And finally a victory: yesterday I was feeling really bad, and though i should have some spagetti bolognese. The feeling when finally deciding this was good, I could almost feel how god it should taste. But it did not. So I guess my taste has started to change to the more healthy way at least. (Ok, I finished the pasta, needing the thick energy I guess, but I'm not sure I want any more of it, at least not in the coming days.)

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Re: Raw in Sweden
Posted by: Sapphire ()
Date: September 18, 2008 05:15PM

Hi Annbou,

I don't know if you have access to a dehydrator, but you can make some fabulous dried crackers and stuff if you have one, and they are a great transitional food to get your mind off breads. I know it's not really the same, but it's a lot closer than a banana, haha!!

I don't eat as many crackers as I used to, but I really love them once in a while. I am not sure of there are too many other substitutes - maybe someone else might have some ideas.

Talk to you later


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