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HELP! So Far off Course
Posted by: Mrs_Reed ()
Date: October 15, 2008 11:04PM

Hi all. I've been falling short for a while and I need to get back on the wagon. Been raw 80/20 for a lil over 1 month now. Needed change for 2 health issues, MS and Fibroids. Anyhoo, did well first 2 weeks then slowly found the 'technically raw' foods. Now I've been in jury duty and don't have any groceries so I've ate ICECREAM for the past 3, 4 days and I'm soooo mad @ me.

Now I'm constipated all over again, mid cycle bleeding again and need to 'fix' this quik. I wanna do some type of cleanse to rid my body of the crappy food and get back on course as well.

Any advice and support is tremendously appreciated. I'm soooo effing angry and disappointed with myself. I undid the little bit of good I started :O( thnx!

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Re: HELP! So Far off Course
Posted by: wendysmiling ()
Date: October 18, 2008 05:23PM

Maybe juice feasting for 3 days will kick your cravings and let you get back to raw. Good Luck!

WendySmiling in Oklahoma

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Re: HELP! So Far off Course
Posted by: Bryan ()
Date: October 27, 2008 02:59AM

Here's a tip. If you're eating foods that might be constipating, finish the meal by eating a whole head of romaine lettuce. Don't add dressing to the lettuce, just roll up each leaf like a cigar, and eat it. And finish off the whole head.

I do this if I've just eaten a really fatty meal at a raw restaurant. Eating the whole head of romaine does a great job of cleaning out the digestive tract.

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Re: HELP! So Far off Course
Posted by: kwan ()
Date: October 29, 2008 02:45AM

Great tip, Bryan. I'm going to file that one away.



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Re: HELP! So Far off Course
Posted by: LeslieRaw ()
Date: October 29, 2008 04:12AM

Since it has gotten chilly (past few weeks?) I have had some vegan cooked meals, to feel grounded and more satisfied. I also discovered the great benefits of digestive enzymes.

I take Digest Gold (quite pricey, but the best) by Enzymedica. At least the cooked food isn't robbing me of enzymes anymore. No digestive problems whatsoever.

Also, a great anytime cleanser is pure water with organic lemon juice. Great for taming the appetite too.

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