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healthy eating
Date: March 30, 2009 02:58PM

Hello all you people interested in ways to become more healthy!

It is obvious, that if you want to experience real health and happiness, that you have to pay attention to your food. Attention to what you put in your body.
With what feeling you put something in your body!
It is maybe also obvious, that you should try to eat as much organic and fair trade as possible. This food is supporting the environement and the people in poorer countries to earn a fair income for their work.

Maybe not so obvious for many people in the world is the fact that you are what you eat!
Science has proof that Raw food has more nutriments than cooked food. If oil is treated with heat or fire, the chemical consistance is totally changed!

Therefor it makes sence to eat rawfood. We eat it a 100% for almost 4 years now, and feel awesome doing that. Our son used to have chronical diseases and we could heal him almost instantly with this diet!

This is scary for some people, because they think they have to get rid of all their beloved meals and tastes. This is not true!

There are raw food alternatives for almost all sorts of cooked meals! You can have raw
• Chocolate
• Pudding
• Pizza
• Pasta
• Bread
• Ice-cream
• Cheese
• Sauces
• French Fries
• Burgers
• Cakes,..................

So it is possible, to eat totally healthy, support the environement by producing almost no rubbish and CO2, and still get all of our emotional and tasty needs satisfied!

Doesn´t that sound just great!!??

The Rawfoodfamily

Visit us for more,..


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