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Our Calcs
Posted by: Prism ()
Date: May 28, 2007 08:05PM

I thought it would be nice to have a thread just to post our daily food intake, cals, % of carbs, fat, and proteins. I would suggest make it simple for us to look at and read.

May 27, 07 Sunday

Here's pretty much what I ate yesterday, give or take some of the calories due to nothing is perfect.

Calories Eaten Today
Total: 1476
Fat: grams 58 cals 524
Carbs: grams 228 cals 780
Protein: grams 39 cals 157
Carbs 64%
Fat 27%
Protein 9%

Looking at it like this, it looks pretty good, need to drop that fat % down to at least 20%. Eventually I should get closer to 80% Carbs, 10% fat, 10% protein.

Of that total I had 4 cups of popcorn in coconut oil= 164 cals fat 9 grams

The highest calories came from the sunflower seeds first
watermelon second
grapefruit juice third
popcorn fourth
cashews fifth
veggie juice sixth
banana seventh
cherries eighth
strawberries ninth
tomatoes tenth

For the sunflower seeds, I don't know if I had as much as 2 ounces, but that's what I put in fitday to calculate. Seems like I ate a lot of fat, but still with it being my second day not eating any cooked foods or junk foods, I did pretty well.

The most fat came from the raw sunflower seeds at 28 grams, and raw cashews at 14 grams. Most of my calories came from carbs first, then fat, then protein. Which is what I would expect because the nuts have a lot of fat in them, and I eat them because I'm not eating that cooked protein meal.


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Re: Our Calcs
Posted by: earthangel ()
Date: May 28, 2007 09:46PM

hi there..this is a good idea..but most of us already post on our own journals and almost all of us in the 7 week challenge and we don't like to repost it haha!! but i am sure if you want to keep it going lol we will check it out!!
take car hun..glad to see you are using fitday it is a great tool
love earthangel

Much peace and love!!!

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