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Little Tyke, true story of vegetarian lion
Posted by: Ariel55 ()
Date: July 30, 2008 01:04PM

It is true, this is a beautiful story in the 50s about a lion who would not eat meat or bones. Here is the book



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Re: Little Tyke, true story of vegetarian lion
Posted by: LikeItOrNot ()
Date: August 01, 2008 11:25PM

What is so beautiful about it?

The mother killed her previous cubs - Probably because there was something wrong with them...A lot of animals kill their young because they know something is wrong with them.

The lion ate "cooked grains". Uhhhhh so if the humans didn't save it and the mother just abandoned it and didn't kill it, would the baby lion be cooking his own oatmeal?

Oh yeah, this is tHe BEST part....

"Her diet consisted predominantly of cooked grains of various sorts, raw eggs and milk. At 4 years she weighed in at around 160kgs, and one visiting zoo curator apparantly even claimed that Little Tyke was the most healthiest of her species he'd ever come across.

Sadly, at the age of 9, while in Hollywood for filming of a nation-wide television broadcast, Little Tyke suffered from Pneumonia and died some short weeks later."

What kind of healthy animal "suffers" from Pneumonia? All that cooked grains and vegetables killed it's immune system.

And any animal will weigh quite a bit if fed cooked grains...just like people! Look at all the cats that are fed kibble which has oatss, flour, wheat, etc in it and look how many obese cats there are.

The lion probably chewed on grass the same reason my unhealthy cat does - They want the chlorophyll becasue they know it's some kind of "medicine".

I wonder what kind of "milk". Hormone infested cow milk ? It only says "raw eggs" not raw milk. I wonder what kind of "milk" It was brought up on since it didn't get it's mother's milk. Maybe some kind of canned kitten milk like the crap they sell in petstores.

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Re: Little Tyke, true story of vegetarian lion
Posted by: Ariel55 ()
Date: August 04, 2008 05:28AM

Well as it was in the 50s before factory farming took off and all the hormones that are here today like bovine growth hormone were not even available, it could not have been hormone infected milk in the 50 these hormones like bovine growth hormone weren't available, and you couldn't get kitten milk in the 50s, you seem to have no understanding of commericial products in the 50s mentioning that you believe the lion was fed commerical products that have only been available in the 21st century. It was fed raw milk as I read somewhere else that it was as well as raw eggs.

Also it was her mother that killed the cubs, she was rescued, well there couldn't have been that much wrong with her if she lived 9 years on a veggie diet, that is so bad for her as you just said. they often kill their cubs in captivity anyway, as it is so unnatural for them, and that bit/captivity I agree is not beautiful.

I have even seen a lioness in the wild adopt an oryx the cattle that is supposed to be prey, she did it 3 times, Ijust think it challenges our thinking around what we are taught around animals.

The reason why I think it is beautiful is because it just shows that what I was taught to believe about what we need to live isn't true. I still fall into that trap so I like anything that challenges my thinking.

They don't live much older than 9 anyway, so it was a success in my view. Animals do die of pneumonia in captivity whatever they eat and believe it or not animals even die in the wild

Sorry you didn't like it but you didn't give it much thought with your hormone stuff.

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Re: Little Tyke, true story of vegetarian lion
Posted by: RawSun ()
Date: October 08, 2008 08:39PM

Thanks for sharing Ariel! I found this to be such a beautiful and moving story!

The mother had killed every cub in litter after litter, before this cub was rescued. Were all the cubs unhealthy? Probably not, if this one lived for 9 years on an 'unnatural' diet!

This was actually in the 1940s, so yes before hormone infested milk.

The humans raising this lion, also took in several other orphaned animals, including a lamb destined for death at a slaughterhouse that became a special companion of the Lions.

It is so remarkable that a carnivorous animal, refused meat and blood, and befriended all sorts of other animals, even mourned for the lose of a cat!

Raw Food Chef and Writer
Comfortably Raw

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