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Vegan Viral Video
Posted by: suvine ()
Date: September 11, 2015 05:05AM

I am not sure it is raw, but this video went viral, and one of top watched in conspiracy topic TODAY.

He is on a treadmill talking on skype. Funny.

Lets hear what he has to say. I am watching now.

I watched so many raw videos before this. But who is this vegan doctor? Are you even allowed to be a vegan doctor?

Plant Based Diets Video

He says Ornish turned him on to veganism reversing heart disease.

He is on a treadmill walking, wearing a wall street business suit.
He gives some real interesting facts about how bad meat eating is.

Anybody up late???

Reversing serious diseases - with food. It's science. It's not a theory or a diet. Grains and vegetables keep you healthy and prevent serious systemic diseases. Meat and dairy push you in the other direction. Dr. Michael Greger runs a YouTube channel called which is based on this reading of hundreds of scientific papers on nutrition every year and then puts it into plain English. If it looks like he's walking while talking, he is. He's walking on a treadmill. Way better for you than sitting around

I wonder why this went viral, it must be something good. He is saying you can reshuffle the deck if you eat plant based diet.

Also, free radicals, anti oxidants, and science language- for you smarties. He says aging is rusting of your bodies, and how do you keep your fruit from oxidizing, you put lemon juice on it. He says marathoners are all damaged from the marathon and its extreme oxidation stress.

Fruits and Vegetables are good for us, is the least controversial statement in all nutrition. Is EAT PLANTS and that is all people are saying.

12 minutes in

Whole foods prevent dna damage. We should eat lots of dark green vegetables and berries which are the best fruits.

He talks about watercress too. Spicy. And berries and citrus. Are the best. As many as you can stuff in your face!

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