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Who really started Raw Till 4?
Posted by: Anon 102 ()
Date: September 12, 2015 08:57PM

I was under the impression that Freelee and/or DR started it but I read this article, posted online Monday Aug 31, 2015, lately that seems to say this Holt person started it.



"Holt began posting Instagram pictures of the beautiful food she was making for herself and her family, snapped with an iPhone, alongside the recipe - something which her audience greatly appreciated. Her popularity grew until it morphed into Raw Till 4, a brand that now encompasses an online network of recipes and conscious eating."

"Despite Holt's passion for raw eating, she is at pains to avoid food "extremism" which is sometimes common in online vegan communities. When she first started Raw Till 4, she avoided labelling herself as vegan altogether."

"In June Holt launched an iPhone app, "Sunniva's Raw Till 4," which has received over 2000 downloads. The app features over 70 recipes, from green smoothies to cooked dinners, which follow the Raw Till 4 diet. "

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Re: Who really started Raw Till 4?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: September 13, 2015 07:56PM

Long before Raw til 4 was the Hallelujah acres diet, a raw vegan diet by day and a cooked vegan dinner at night. That diet has thousands of positive testimonials and also some bad testimonials about deficiencies.

Long before the Hallelujah diet was the Gerson program, which was mostly raw but allowed cooked potatoes, oatmeal, vegetables and grain products.

There have been many variations, like Dr. Christopher's Mucusless Diet.

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Re: Who really started Raw Till 4?
Posted by: suvine ()
Date: September 13, 2015 08:09PM

How come none of these raw vegan gurus hang out on this forum. It is the number one that comes up when you type in "Raw Vegan Forum" . I would love to find out if she started this, maybe she can reply here. I love this recipe on her home page, she is blonde and really pretty.


Sunniva's Green Smoothie
One frozen banana (frozen fruits give a creamy texture, and make the smoothie cold)
Two teaspoons sunflower seed butter
Large handful spinach
One cup coconut water
Half teaspoon cinnamon
Blend. Drink.

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