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a logic exercise
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: January 10, 2016 01:49PM

Person A follows 811 for 5 years. no zinc supplements. shows zinc test results in a video.
zinc is not stored and is depleted rapidly without exogenous input therefore initial stores is irrelevant.


this is not an Anecdote above as much as some nonscientific types wish to call it an "anecdote". This is a fact.

Person B , let's call him/her anon101temppowerlifterpowerliferorganic1.

Claims he/she failed on a VEGAN diet after a period of time less than 5 years time.

Blames the DIET due to being DEFICIENT.

SHOWS NO EVIDENCE OF ZINC DEFICIENCY as opposed to yulia above.

The variables

note: A Vegan diet is not a monolith. There are various ways of doing it

1. The body
2. The specific food input
3. the VEGAN diet

Since person A succeeded and person B did not , it is possible that there was a difference in THE BODY such as a bodily state, weakness, or other difference.

since person A succeeded and person B did not, on the same General diet, we CANNOT make a general claim that the diet "veganism" was the CAUSE since we have at least one SUCCESS on said generally defined diet.
since again there are differences in how it can be done. IF there was no difference in how the diet was done, then THE BODY would need to be the reason.

In this case the reason for the "failure" of person B can only be 1. or 2. not 3.

This holds true for any number of "failures" since only ONE success on a diet is PROOF of general concept..

Number of failures does not logically invalidate general diet.

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Re: a logic exercise
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: January 15, 2016 01:09PM

Why do people like anon101temppowerlifterpowerliferorganic1 and ZeuS aka Mr. and Mrs. T -ur-d avoid these types of posts?

Obviously, these 2 TROLLS have NO Sense of Logic!!!

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Re: a logic exercise
Posted by: SueZ ()
Date: January 15, 2016 01:52PM

Poor Fullyraw Kristina. Just as her book comes out, (in which john rose is featured in two pages), and she's on the verge of something bigger, her bat shite crazy raw mentor "Hitler Was A Good Guy" holocaust denier can't even keep his stinking lying trap shut for her 15 minutes in the limelight while she's on her book tour. What a shame for her to be associated with such trash in public.

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Re: a logic exercise
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: January 15, 2016 02:04PM

poor oozy, not enough rock 'em sock 'em robots

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