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Am I Too Aggressive?
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: March 17, 2016 02:06PM

Recently, I had some friends over to my house. They brought a man with them that I didn’t know and he said to me that he thought that my newsletter, especially my Politically InCorrect column was too aggressive, and that I was exhibiting too much rage. He said that I needed to be more loving. (He was referring to my attacks against medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, the biggest murderers and the #1 cause of death in America today, in my January 2000 Get Well Newsletter.)

Ironically, this man’s visit was cut short because his mother, who recently had breast cancer and had one breast hacked off by a doctor, was now having the other healthy breast ripped off her body, as some medically sick and perverted frankensteinish idea of prevention. To this man, I guess that ignorant medical doctors cutting healthy tissue and body parts off of his mother, supporting and promoting her to live in fear and ignorance, not teaching her about health and healing her body and ripping her off for thousands of dollars to torture her is O.K., or at least acceptable behavior. We should just smile? Say nothing? Be loving? Take our medicine? And that I, not the doctors, is the one who is out of control, acting inappropriate, too aggressive? NOW HOLD IT ONE DAMN MINUTE!

Have we really become such ignorant, wimpy, gutless and spineless sheep, being led to the slaughter with love in our hearts and smiles on our faces? What a wonderful hypnotic con job medicine has done on us......O.K., maybe I’ll try to be a little more smoochy-woochy, but this guy was asking the wrong doctor to back down. If that was my mom I would have helped her to make a more rational, sane and healthy decision based on strength not fear, and illumination not ignorance. I would have taken her to organic markets, shown her health stores and health books, bought her a juicer and had a wheatgrass juice party with her and maybe even a Garlic enema. Taught her about cleansing and detoxification, hot and cold showers, skin brushing, herbal poultices, massage, laughter and helped to educate her in how to create and live a healthy, cancer free lifestyle and a thousand more things. Oh yeah, and I would have cornered her doctor and told him to shove the scalpel up his ass, in a positive, loving way of course.

The reality of medicine, all the pain, torture and disfigurement, is so horrible, the only way we can deal with it is to hide the truth, bury our heads in the sand, become numb and pretend it is a logical health care choice. Then when I illuminate the horror, and expose medicine for the criminally insane butchering and murder it is, when people first see this, their first knee jerk reaction is to hate me, kill the messenger. I know I push buttons, but never mistake that it is love and illumination, not anger and rage.

-Dr. Richard Schulze, Bi-Monthly Newsletter - Get Well! May 2000.

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Re: Am I Too Aggressive?
Posted by: beneficial4u ()
Date: March 18, 2016 03:31AM

Well i am off the opinion that you are not really aggressive but pissed off with the handle with kid gloves approach in regard to criticizing the Quack industry that calls anybody and everybody else quacks.It reminds me of the conspirators shouting that people seeking the truth are ''conspiracy theorists ''.
The time for pussyfooting around the FDA supported genocidal system masquerading as a ''medical system'' are long gone.
Time to end the reign of the '' poison pushers'' and their dark science.

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Re: Am I Too Aggressive?
Posted by: bluespixie ()
Date: March 18, 2016 12:54PM

(Hiya John, a bit off topic...

I'm mostly a lurker and find your posts interesting but can I suggest not using red text/bold text/capitals (unless sparingly), as I find some of your posts hard on my eyes and difficult to read because of it.)

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Re: Am I Too Aggressive?
Posted by: banana who ()
Date: March 19, 2016 03:08PM



I kid because I lovesmiling smiley

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 03/19/2016 03:12PM by banana who.

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Re: Am I Too Aggressive?
Posted by: Anon 102 ()
Date: March 19, 2016 04:46PM

Yes, you're too aggressive.

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