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Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Kiwibird ()
Date: January 02, 2017 09:50PM

I haven't been on the forum for a while due to my life being in free fall for a while there (not even sure if anyone remembers me) but I am still managed to stick on a pretty high-raw diet (not sure I could have made it through everything if I wasn't!)and have kind of figured out where I'm most comfortable with this lifestyle. I'm not really on any extreme, not high or low fat, still have a couple cooked vegan meals a week (not super processed stuff though, more like rice or steamed veg etc..), do some sprouting, some fermented foods but mostly just whole fruits and veg with sensible amounts of nuts and seeds.

So, I am pretty ashamed here as it is completely counterintuitive to living an otherwise healthy lifestyle, but I started trying cigarettes when I was like 11/12 and have been a daily smoker since I was 14 (I'm now 28). I haven't been a pack a day smoker for years, only 3 or 4 a day kind of thing. I had no issues at all when I dropped from a pack+ a day to 3-4 a day (I was a vegetarian then). I was not expecting the symptoms to be so severe quitting altogether. Especially since I've been eating a diet of 80-85% raw for somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 years or so and feeling great. Last cigarette was right before midnight new years eve and I am just an emotional wreck. From sobbing uncontrollably to this almost manic euphoric state to ready to start breaking stuff in a matter of minutes. I feel like an insane person right now. I have no idea if this is normal??? what I can do to kind of lessen the severity or if I just need to ride it out? Everything online is aimed at otherwise unhealthy SAD eaters and I already eat mountains of fruit and veg and drink tons of water so the advice they offer helps me not one bit. Not interested in 'products' to help either (gums or patches or whatnot). Not sure if anyone on here would even have any advice on any specific foods to try to help get this @#$%& out of my system so I can be done with it?

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Panchito ()
Date: January 03, 2017 01:49AM

A while back it was discovered that free choice does not exists. Which means that choosing is an illusion. So don't feel guilty. To recover from bad habits, it is thought that the mind needs 21 days to physically change it s connections. If it is an addiction, the best method is to reduce in half the dose for 21 days. Then repeat till it disappears. good luck

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 03, 2017 02:52AM

Hi Kiwibird,

Congratulations! Sounds like an amazing beginning for the new year.

Lobelia inflata helps break nicotine addiction. If you can get a tincture, you take a drop when you feel the urge, depending on how strong the tincture is. I make mine with a base on raw apple cider vinegar. I never tried an alcohol tincture on someone, but I am guessing that's what would be available on the market. Lobelia is an emetic in large doses (3 teaspoons could cause a purge), so it's important to take small drops to avoid nausea.
The vinegar tincture is great for asthma and I have used it with great success in lieu of inhalers for people. When the tincture is made right and the herb is high quality, some drops dilates bronchioles, if someone has asthma. IT's impossible to say how many drops because the concentration of lobelia can vary with each name brand or tincture.

Herbalist Richard Schulze used this method with smokers and he would have them cut back one cigarette per day until it was over, using the lobelia tincture plus juice fast with raw diet and other detox methods. So with his method, you could have quit in four days (since you smoke 4 cigarettes).

You said you have done a lot of fruit the last few years, but how much citrus have you done?. I personally would load up on citrus (lemons, limes, oranges, blood oranges, pomellos, grapefruit) and makes lots of juice. You could do 50/50 citrus and green juice (it needs to have a tang and astringe your lymph nodes...passion fruit works nicely in lieu of lemons, but try other astringent fruits as well). Citrus cuts phlegm and it helps moves out toxins. Take lots of antioxidants to help your brain during this detox.

Anyway even though you ate a lot of fruit the last three years, the astringent fruits (and greens/veggies/herbs) can really help expel the toxins out after you quit smoking. In the summer, the heirloom melons help also. Fresh raw aloe smoothies are very good, but the detox would be too powerful at the moment on top of dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 03, 2017 10:59AM

Quit Smoking With Cannabis
Can Cannabis Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?
Need To Quit Smoking? Have You Tried Marijuana?
Posted by DanaSmith on Monday Jul 18, 2016

Can Cannabis Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Smoking, albeit harmful, is a habit that is rich in tradition. People have been smoking as far back as 5000 BC, and while its earliest uses were during shamanistic rituals, tobacco use and cultivation spread quickly when Europeans arrived America during the 16th century. Tobacco use was even perceived as elegant up until research finally revealed that smoking tobacco causes many kinds of cancers.

Smoking and using cannabis in other forms though, can help you to quit smoking cigarettes. Research conducted at the University College London discovered that cannabidiol, which is marijuana’s second most active ingredient, can help reduce cigarette addiction. The study found that cigarette use among its participant's was reduced by as much as 40% thanks to CBD, which was administered using an inhaler. Cannabis helps reduce the body’s craving in several ways, according to Celia Morgan, Ph.D., who co-authored the study. “We found that CBD seems to reduce the salience of cues. It also can reduce anxiety and may affect a memory process called ‘reconsolidation,’ which is where when a memory of the reward of smoking is re-activated by seeing someone smoking, it is rendered vulnerable to destruction”, she said.

Cannabis can be the light at the end of the tunnel for those seeking alternatives in treating addiction to opiates, heroin, and other drugs. But the University College London was the first research of its kind that explored the effect of the plant on cigarette addiction.

Natural Alternative

If you want to quit smoking today, there are so many cessation therapies you can try:from nicotine patches to hypnosis, there are many widely available methods that have been effective in helping people. But that’s not enough as more seek alternative methods.

If we look deeper into the connection between marijuana and nicotine, it doesn’t take rocket science to show that marijuana definitely seems like a promising natural alternative to all the cessation therapies available in the market. In the first place, why does smoking a cigarette feel so good? It’s all because of nicotine, because it’s the primary chemical that causes us to be addicted in the first place. Nicotine intake triggers the release of the brain’s happy chemicals, known as dopamine. When this happens, the part of our brain associated with pleasure, becomes activated. But marijuana can also stimulate dopamine release in the brain, without the harmful side effects that come with smoking cigarettes.

Marijuana can also be helpful if we look at the primary reasons most people smoke cigarettes:

Stress and anxiety relief: As a former smoker myself, I can attest to how great it feels to light a cigarette when I’m super stressed or anxious about something. But we all know how bad that is for the body. Cannabis, on the other hand, has been shown to be useful in addressing stress and anxiety.

Enjoyment or boredom: Being idle is one of the most dangerous triggers for smoking cigarettes. Coupled with the fact that it just feels so good, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. If you’re trying to quit smoking, be conscious of when you are idle and light up a joint instead.

It goes great with coffee and alcohol: Use a vape instead if you need the oral fixation to accompany your coffee and alcohol intake.

If you want to take advantage of marijuana’s numerous health benefits without having to light up, there are virtually thousands of products and methods to choose from. You can eat, vape, dab, or even drink it - all while keeping your body protected from insidious diseases.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Kiwibird ()
Date: January 03, 2017 03:25PM

Thanks everyone.

Panchito- I have read several places that it takes 21 days for the brain to adjust to changes. I'm quitting cold turkey though. Trying to wean myself off them extended into years of non-progress.

Tai-I have some citrus in my diet, always juiced, kind of a special treat on weekend mornings since I have never cared too much for the texture of the whole fruits. It's not that I can't eat some citrus slices, the texture has just never been a big love of mine. Just how much citrus do you recommend and for how long? Actually bought some melons to dehydrate into "candy" for new years eve and they were surprisingly delicious for this time of year. I know they are out of season but I wouldn't mind eating some more of those. I eat leafy greens almost every day. I don't juice them often, but for the purposes of detox, could make some green juices.

This is my 3rd morning without a cigarette. Day 3 should be the peak of physical withdrawals, then it should start subsiding. The physical discomfort I can just will myself through. I am confident with diet I can cleanse my body of any built up toxins. I'm just concerned I could continue feeling these over exaggerated emotional state past the withdrawal and detox phase. I don't know just how much the smoking was helping control that as I picked up smoking around the age I really started feeling the bad anxiety. It is also the only thing that's ever helped my anxiety without intoxicating. I really have no idea what I'm going to be like once the immediate physical withdrawals have ceased and I'm left with no crutch of any kind to regulate the anxiety or give me a momentary break from it. I mean, I have learned over the years to control it outwardly, not act upon impulses and to make rational choices by always going through a mental checklist before I act, but my brain is still wired up every waking moment and my thoughts are always all over the place and going a million miles a second. I have a perpetual feeling of pent up anxiety that is extremely uncomfortable. Like that movie alien, where the baby alien popped out- I feel like the anxiety is physically pushing on the inside of my chest it's so bad. Deep breathing and meditation does not help whatsoever, it amps me up and makes it worse. Healthy eating doesn't help. Exercising 6 days a week, morning and evening doesn't help except it does tire me out a bit. It's extremely frustrating. I can cope with a temporary increase in anxiety and exaggerated emotions but I am scared it will be permanent. It is exhausting to control it so that I can function normally and not do dumb things, but to try and keep what I've been feeling the past 2+ days since my last smoke under control long term, I don't know what to do about that. And of course, thinking about that possibility is just making me more anxious. It's like if a person was born missing a toe, I feel like I was born missing something in my brain that allows me to ever feel truly calm. I can compensate and am not disabled by it, but just like you can't grow a toe, I can't seem to grow a sense of calm. And I don't know if the exaggeration is a temporary, normal symptom of withdrawal or my brain going haywire for the long term.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: January 03, 2017 03:42PM

It won't be permanent kiwi. Don't let that fear hold you back. The addiction will play fear tricks on your mind - but then it will be over, and you will be so glad you quit! You will be a free human being again. Been there

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: jtprindl ()
Date: January 03, 2017 05:37PM

Detox - Coffee enema's, activated charcoal, raw garlic, selenium, iodine, chlorella, triphala, alpha lipoic acid, curcumin, fruit


-Mucuna (contains L-DOPA, precursor to dopamine which is deplete when going through drug withdrawal)
-B Complex Vitamins (also good for detox)
-E3 Live BrainON
-Schizandra (also very good for liver detox)

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 04, 2017 08:11AM


as to how much citrus to take...I would easily juice a 25 lb of citrus a week, if not more...and then if you juice greens, you will really flush a lot of toxins out, help your lungs and give your brain a boost.

As far as anxiety goes...there are many herbs for that.
I have given people complex CHinese formulas, but even something as simple passion fruit leaf tea can help.

I once helped a young woman who had anxiety from around age 12 when her dad died and it turned into such terrible anxiety that she couldn't finish high school, hold a job or drive a car. In addition to anxiety herbs, heart and adrenal herbal tonics (100% vegan), I also gave her herbal formulas for constipation and polycystic ovary syndrome (plus some paradigm expansion). The combination of everything plus a juicy whole foods vegan diet, made her normal enough to hold a job and stop feeling intense anxiety. The reason I talk about her case is because sometimes it's not enough to take anxiety herbs for anxiety, like nervine herbs, if someone has for example, some severe stagnation in the body like menstrual problems or constipation, etc. The stagnation in lower abdomen was as important to address as her crippling mental paradigm and weakened adrenals and heart. Natural healing works best when the body is viewed as holistically as possible.

To humor Riverhousebill, I'll share a story. I once met a man that claimed that he had anxiety so bad, he couldn't read a book. When he discovered marijuana, he said he could finally read (the required reading in college) and he finished college while taking marijuana. I found that very hard to believe, but I did note that he was constantly fidgety and both his parents were psychiatric patients with everyone in the family with high anxiety. I found it hard to believe that marijuana could make reading a book easier not harder, but this man claimed that was the case with him. I thought I would mention him because it's hard to know what is going to work for someone without trying a few different things out. On the other hand, many people with anxiety find that marijuana can cause them to feel paranoid with more anxiety.

So, these are some things to consider Kiwibird. Think as holistically as possible and don't be afraid to experiment with herbs.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 04, 2017 10:16AM

Quote Tai-To humor Riverhousebill, I'll share a story. I once met a man that claimed that he had anxiety so bad, he couldn't read a book. When he discovered marijuana, he said he could finally read (the required reading in college) and he finished college while taking marijuana.

Thankyou tai- I meet a law student in Lapaz Mexico that told me when he smoked the erb he was able to meditate on the subject and retain much better. I think some folks are just in the fast lane hyper gear, so it would help with that. Also I agree
that some people just become parinoid. Part of that parinoia could be related to the fact that its a felony so mixed feelings arise?
Im a big fan of what has been discoverd with CBDs not so much the THC end although I enjoy to vaporise with THC. Im a PTSD vet who the VA precribed Paxel and Trazadone.
Could not tell day from night at times. I dumped the pharemys and went to the erb, it has been a life saver for me I so feel. Not for everyone though.
Do you know the differance of a drunk and pot head when they come toa stop sign?
When A drunk comes to a stop sign he runs it.
when a pot head comes to a stop sign he she stops and waits for it to turn green.

The fact that the us govt has a patient on part of the plant CBDs not the THC should tell you somthing is up. you can not research that part of the plant without breaking law. A favor to big pharmacutical I think?

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 04, 2017 07:00PM

riverhousebill wrote:
Also I agree that some people just become parinoid. Part of that parinoia could be related to the fact that its a felony so mixed feelings arise?

I think it's related to more what is known as marijuana syndrome, a condition of imbalance due to the drying and fiery nature of marijuana, especially when heated:
Just as John Mini describes under the wood group (the liver system), I have known people with these health issues feel paranoid with marijuana.
But yes, it helps some people under certain circumstances.

I am familiar with William Courtney's work, too, in which he has used raw cannabis for juicing (low thc varieties) and that juice is not psychoactive and doesn't have the fiery nature because the CBD acid is not converted to CBD and the minute quantities of THC acid present cannot be converted to THC. HOwever, a very rich THC plant will still have a hot, drying nature even in a raw state, but will be even more so when heated.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Kiwibird ()
Date: January 04, 2017 07:29PM

Thanks for the advice and help so far. It is greatly appreciated. I bought 15lbs of citrus yesterday, mix of oranges and grapefruit. I am feeling less urges for a cigarette but still completely out of my mind. I may try a herbal tea, but I am leery of tinctures. A long time ago, my old naturopath prescribed valerian then kava for the anxiety. They had a effect very similar to a mild sedative but nauseated me. The other tincture I was given was for adrenal fatigue, a combination of licorice and astragalus. That one I never actually took as the taste was so bad I could not even get it down without gagging.

I would say my physical body is in the best shape it's ever been. Clear skin, healthy hair and nails, good digestion, regular light periods without cramping, never get sick with colds or flus... Even smoking, I have good lung function and can exercise endlessly. I've had my fair share of health issues in the past, but I feel none of those kinds of physical symptoms at all. It's really just the anxiety thing. Part is traumatizing life experiences, part is probably genetic.

Re: marijuana- I live in a state where it is legal these days recreationally and I've been smoking it for as long as I've been smoking cigarettes. It doesn't exacerbate my anxiety in the moment, but I am extremely sensitive to it and have never built a tolerance. Just one or 2 hits has me in a semi comatose state for hours and I can't function like that. And once I am no longer stoned, then my anxiety goes through the roof due to all the things I didn't accomplish while stoned. These days, I only do it for fun on occasion when I have nothing else to do, the house is clean, I have no errands to run and can enjoy it. Reason I have not been smoking it during this period is mainly to give my lungs a rest and a chance to cough out all the gunk. I don't have a prescription to be able to get edibles (and even so, I don't think any would qualify as raw or even vegan), so all I can buy is flower and dab to smoke. I don't have the bank account to buy enough quantity to juice it. I can barely afford raw foods, I can no longer afford to see a naturopath. If I remember correctly back in the day making brownies, you needed to extract the THC from the flower using heat and butter and it definitely wasn't raw or vegan.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: jtprindl ()
Date: January 05, 2017 02:07AM

I have two bottles of this arriving tomorrow...


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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 05, 2017 01:53PM

Tai the book Marijuana Syndromes makes lots of good points Also so does W.Paul Blakey- Im not a doctor so I will keep my money in my pocket

by W. Paul Blakey How To balance and Optimize The Effects Of Canabis With Traditional Chinese Medicines
I bought this book, despite its outrageous kindle price ($54.00!) because I assumed from the sample that the book would offer fresh insights regarding the use and abuse of cannabis, from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective.

As a qigong practitioner and teacher I have students who use medical marijuana, and I was interested in this TCM approach. If I had known that more than two thirds of the book was point location and a laundry list of herbs and foods I would not have purchased it.

What I take great exception to is the author's description of cannabis as a poison. In a broad sense he may be correct as the definition of poison is "any substance which, taken into or formed in the body, destroys life or impairs health", but since cannabis does not affect the part of the brain that controls respiration, and there have been no documented deaths from cannabis overdose, it seems excessive and counter productive to use a term which has such a negative connotation. Why not simply call it a powerful medicine?

Especially as the author's premise is that cannabis has both good and bad effects.

Also, he talks quite a bit about the importance of balancing the effect of cannabis with acupuncture and herbs, which I think is an excellent idea, but the advice he gives is strictly for acupuncturists and herbalists and almost completely useless for the lay person.

So my advice is, if you are a doctor of TCM you might find this worth while to have in your library (and maybe you can write off the cost of the book against your taxes). But if you are the average reader and do not have a detailed knowledge of Chinese medicine and philosophy I strongly advise you to keep your money in your pocket.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 05, 2017 02:01PM

Quote Tai I am familiar with William Courtney's work, too,

Most interesting reserch by Dr. William Coutney is the docking of CBD with the human Gene. He has a slide show micro dockings with the gene,Have you seen that part of Courtneys research?

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 06, 2017 09:57PM

To Kiwibird,
you can make a raw cannabis coconut smoothie and the coconut will have enough fat to extract the components necessary to have a nervine effect. You don't have to buy edibles which are not raw. NOt sure how much it will help the anxiety. Just have to try as a temporary bandaid. Fresh leaves with a little resin are good enough. But that method is still more expensive than a regular nervine tea unless you are growing a plant.
anyway, in TCM, there are so many variables for anxiety related to different accompanying symptoms, such as palpitations or fatigue. There are formulas under $10 that can help, perhaps even in tablet or pill form, so you don't have to taste the herbs. PM me if the problem doesn't go away. Perhaps like Suncloud said, the problem will go away after your addiction goes away.

To RIverhousebill, I wasn't suggesting anyone buy the book. Yeah, it is geared for acupuncturists who have to treat stoners or ex-stoners. It helps us understand the constitution we are working with. I didn't think John Mini characterizes marijuana as a poison. In Chinese medicine, we have some toxic herbs and we learn how to carefully prepare them and control dosage. I doubt John really meant that if he wrote that, because John knows that toxic herbs are sometimes very needed. I took his class and he just emphasized it's hot and dry nature and demonstrated how imbalancing it can be for some constitutions. He seemed really nice and understanding about the whole topic. It was an awesome class.
Anyway, I listened to William Courtney discuss that topic on youtube but I didn't sit and take notes. I am interested in the aspect that the raw juice can potentially help neurons regrow. The fact that his autoimmune cases had notable healings in six weeks says a lot.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 07, 2017 05:01AM

Tai, another great Great Dr. William Hunter who has practised in the Emerald Triangle for many years told me he sees high numbers of stomac cancers in cronic pot smokers, Hunter is a smart fellow and I would not be surpised if he is correct. In chemistry when you burn or heat you have a whole new slew of chemical. To bad the federal govt puts brakes on researh in this field as a favor to the pharmacutal Carteels.
Also chemical farming more mutations, And today marijuana farmers seem more concerd
about making money than providing a mirical erb. I know so many that use nasty chems, No respect so I say again know who you buy from,

You seem very well informed on this subject thankyou rhb

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 07, 2017 08:46AM

stomach cancer in pot smokers? Honestly, I doubt cancer would be caused by marijuana. What can cause stomach cancer, based on merely my guess, is the munchies causing people to eat junk food and bad food.
How many stoners eat healthy?
What about the ungodly trend of eating raw meat and fish?
Just how many stoners who get stomach cancer are life long vegans? My guess would be zero to neglible.
On the flip side, marijuana could help anorexics, if they had a strict healthy diet.

Back to Courtney's work...yes, if people can regrow neurons with a shotglass full of juice daily, that's amazing!

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 07, 2017 02:21PM

A certain causal connection, but some docs think there is because pot relaxes the stomach muscles and slows motility. Dr. William Hunter is one. In gastroparesis, motility slows down, so something like pot that slows stomach mobility can cause gastroparesis. With gastroparesis, the stomach slows down, food doesn't move quickly enough through the stomach, Raw veagan cooked you get high stomach acidity, nausea, acid reflux, sometimes vomiting, etc.
Some GI specialist say the same thing, On another note another direction THC can srink tumors by cutting blood supply to the growing tumor I dont know just Hunters feelings from what he has seen ???

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 07, 2017 02:53PM

Have you ever seen the tars, resins, in a pot pipe. or on the rolling papers ? Or wiped tar and resin off your lips? Good pot will flow resins onto pipe papers lips so will shake leaf. Thats where a cancer may develope tar resins to the stomic.
Might these tars make it to the stomic? In chemistry when you burn you have a whole new compond many new componds, And there is not much study in this area.
just as bad as junk foods resins and tars might even be worse as a toxin to the stomic.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 07, 2017 03:15PM

This is well known a well known fact in the medical world-
And pot is no eception here. Dr Hunter is most likey right.
How does smoking affect my stomach and bowel?
Stomach cancer

Smoking causes cancer of the stomach. Your risk of stomach cancer decreases after quitting, and after about 20 years it is approaching that of someone who has never smoked. Smoking is also associated with an increased risk of colorectal polyps and bowel cancer.
Peptic ulcer disease

Smoking causes peptic ulcer disease in people who also are infected with H.pylori, a common bacterial infection. Painful ulcers occur in the stomach and/or the duodenum (the part of the small intestine that connects to your stomach). Smoking is associated with increased risk for complications such as bleeding and perforated ulcers, and a greater risk of dying from the disease. Peptic ulcer disease can be treated, but it is somewhat less successful for people who continue to smoke.

Smoking has a number of effects on the stomach and gut that could promote the development of peptic ulcer disease. For example:

Smoking promotes the reflux of the duodenal contents back into the stomach.
Smoking increases the acidity of the duodenum and makes it more vulnerable to H.pylori infection.
Smoking constricts the small blood vessels in the stomach reducing blood flow. This can lead to damage of stomach tissues and slow down healing of ulcers.
Smoking reduces the production of natural substances that protect the stomach and duodenum from tissue damage.

Most of these effects do not last long and return to normal within minutes or hours after stopping smoking. This suggests that people who stop smoking have less risk of ulcers people who continue to smoke.
Crohn's disease

Smoking appears to increase the risk for Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel condition. People with this disease suffer from pain, severe diarrhea, and intestinal bleeding. Treatment includes surgery to remove part of the bowel. Smokers with Crohn's disease are more likely to have more severe symptoms, and t

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 08, 2017 04:00AM

This is why I no longer incinerate pot I use a low temp vaper pen, I think it is still raw because pot will start to turn vapor form just above 70 degree.
Like produce in the sun out in the field
Lots of factors burn temp, what it is grown with, Many farmers use chemical, I think 80 percent or more. But even organics can mutate to many new chems. More studys are in the works.
This is What Dr. William Hunter is talikg about. Hunter and Cortney have exchanged notes and respect each others findings.

This data is old Im sure there is much more recent.

Study Shows Toxins in Marijuana Smoke
Levels of Some Toxins Higher in Pot Cigarettes Than in Tobacco Cigarettes, Experts Say

Research from Canada shows that some toxins may be more abundant in marijuana cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes.

The researchers burned 30 marijuana cigarettes and 30 tobacco cigarettes on a machine in their lab, measuring levels of chemicals in the smoke.

Ammonia levels were up to 20 times higher in marijuana smoke than in tobacco smoke. Levels of hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen-related chemicals were three to five times higher in marijuana smoke than in tobacco smoke.

The nitrogen-based fertilizer used on the marijuana plants -- which all came from the same batch of Canadian pot plants -- may have affected the results. The temperatures used to burn the cigarettes may also have been a factor.

Marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke shared many of the same chemicals. But the two types of smoke weren't identical.

For instance, marijuana doesn't contain nicotine. And tobacco doesn't contain cannabinoids, which include THC, marijuana's active ingredient

Tobacco has long been linked to cancer and other health problems. Marijuana smoke hasn't been tied to cancer in the past, More studys need to be done in this area.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Kiwibird ()
Date: January 09, 2017 08:36PM

Just an update, but the exaggerated anxiety symptoms seem to be calming down. I have been eating tons of citrus and other 'tangy' fruits (kiwi, pineapple, tomatoes) along with green juices. No cooked food at all right now while my body detoxes. Now I think my respiratory tract is having some kind of 'detox'. Coughing up yuck (expected), but my nose is also runny, my eyes are itchy and red. I've given the net pot another try but I just cannot figure out how people do that without their nose stinging. I don't feel sick like a cold more like bad allergy symptoms. Guessing everything is clearing out and perhaps is more sensitive to the environment around me. And to top to all off, my skin is kind of breaking out! I haven't had a breakout since shortly after I went raw. I know the toxins are coming out but sheesh. Absolutely miserable process this has been!

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 09, 2017 09:23PM

Since you are breaking out, I would start doing aloe smoothies now. They can flush so many toxins out through #2, that it might spare your skin right now. But you would also need to somehow sweat daily either through exercise or sauna. Hopefully this might save your from break outs, but who knows until you try.

aloe leaves are often found at mexican supermarkets or sometimes at health food stores. YOu just filet it and scoop out the gel and blend for 7 seconds with juice. YOu can could add a banana to make it taste better. THe first time I started drinking aloe (raw fresh), it detoxed my lungs.

I remember having to lay down for a whole night from the detox. I was also doing a lot of melons too. IT's hard to describe what happened. It was like my lungs were gripped but in a gentle way and I felt this pulling throughout. Someone who knows nothing about detox might have thought something was wrong, but I knew it was very special and how much work it took to actually get to that level. I was not a smoker, but I have lived in smoggy cities, plus just being around random chemicals, including vaccinations, etc. soon after, after more and more heirloom melons, I developed a very very mild case of asthma, which I never had before and I knew it wasn't real asthma, it was my lungs expelling waste. As soon as the phlegm all came out after 1-2 weeks, the asthma was gone, which I never had before and never since. My pulse teacher once said my lungs were dirty and after I detoxed with tons of citrus, melons and aloe, he didn't mention my lungs anymore. SO i tell you my detox story, to let you know that a non smoker could lay flat in bed with a lung detox after her first huge aloe smoothie, so brace yourself. I have had lot of aloe smoothies since then and I Have had no more lung reactions, because once the junk is out, it's out. I have had no detox reactions from aloe since then, not even diarrhea. You know what, on second thought, even though I was NOT a smoker, I was a milk drinker when I was a child and teen. I quit when I was 19.

Riverhousebill, good for you that you stopped smoking. That is so harsh on your lungs, etc.

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Kiwibird ()
Date: January 10, 2017 12:27AM

Thanks Tai for sharing your story and all the advice. Truly amazing what food can heal! I actually always have aloe on hand. I add it to my parrots water, as it helps keep their liver and kidneys healthy and is good for their plumage. I throw a couple chunks of it in my smoothies from time to time in the summer. I will definitely try blending some up for detox purposes. How much though? Like an 6 or 8oz glass or less or more? I have heard it can have a laxative effect, but I can't say I've ever noticed in the quantities I've put in my smoothies. I do know it does have a very refreshing effect, like an internally refreshing feeling through the whole body. Should I start doing more of the melons and less of the citrus?

I do exercise every weekday. I could do more cardio and run the heater. I have no access to a sauna, but I can soak in a hot bath. Another really random thought, I have one of those Philip Stein watches. Perhaps if I had a new battery put in it, it would produce some helpful effect? I remember it was suppose to do "something" with grounding your energy (never was sure about that, I'm not a big jewelry person and rarely wore it). I also have a bunch of 'healing crystals'. I didn't completely write it off as having benefits of some kind, but just never really know what to do with it. Perhaps during or after detoxing the physical toxins, some of that stuff could help with the anxiety?

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Re: Embarrassing but I need some help here?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 10, 2017 08:00PM

Hi Kiwibird,
I have taken a whole cup of aloe gel a day (8 0z), but when you blend with fruit juice, it becomes about a quart in 8 seconds. The aloe gets frothy. So, yeah, I would say 8 0z of pure gel max a day, unless you are super tall. To get 8 0z of gel, it would take about 1-2 big leaves, depending on how big they are.

That's sweet of you to be so nice to your parrot.

No, don't do more melons; it's not the season. Citrus is excellent now because it's in season and fully ripe and also you might be able to buy blood oranges to make the juice better. Also, you can get organic pears in season least I can. Eat according to the season. I ate the melons in summer (especially the green ones, which include more than honeydew).

As far as crystals go, actually, I know some things, it's good you ask me. Avoid rose quartz, because it can make you more emotional. For anxiety, you want to try red crystals and gems first, such as ruby or red coral. Holding in your hand for 10 minutes will give you an idea, if it helps, is neutral or makes it worse. Also, if you have clear or smokey quart crystals that are either double terminated or single terminated that are self healed, you can try holding those in your hand, one by one to see if it helps. I don't suggest going to buy anything, but since you say you have a collection, check them out when you have anxiety. realize that while some actually might make you feel somewhat better, others can make you feel worse (not clear quartz, but other random "healing" stones).

I agree with Raw P that no, we have not exhausted raw food for healing, but if you have a crystal collection, try it out.

Also, in my opinion, food is not limited to just table food but to herbs. Hawthorne berry is a food and an herb and it's for the heart, so I think it's silly to limit discussion to common foods. My mother once appeared to be having a heart attack in front of me and I quickly served her some extracted herbs to stop a heart attack (a formula of like 20 herbs) and did quick acupuncture and then put on a tea to boil (including red reishi, hawthorne, a bunch of chinese heart herbs and blood movers, etc) and in about an hour, her symptoms were gone. The acupuncture and herbs stopped most of it a few minutes, but I had to keep doing more acupuncture and more herbs to address the lingering symptoms. She went to the heart specialist the next day and he couldn't find any sign of a heart attack.

I told you the story, because I just wanted to say how powerful really specific herbs can be, and could be for your anxiety, but since this forum is more about what you can do in your own kitchen with basic items, yeah, I acknowledged that healing stones might help, but I don't mean to over exaggerate their importance. If you found something that helped you, then use it on the heart and pericardium meridians in addition to holding it.

Regarding that watch you mentioned, I know nothing about it. HOwever, I would be hesitant to put anything on your wrist when you have anxiety. There is a powerful point on the inner wrist that can affect anxiety and the wrong stimulation could potentially make it worse. Usually in acupuncture, we would use that point to improve anxiety and using a double terminated quartz there might help, but using a watch that has metal is unpredictable because they often have EMFs.

And last but not least, there is the power of the mind and body cultivation. Advanced yogis can control their heart beat. I do qigong, not yoga and I have used qigong (mind & body practice) solely in the past to help my own heart and stress levels. NOthing is faster than going inward during a crisis. Once my finger was slammed shut into the trunk of a car. I kept calm, and went into meditation while the person fumbled for the right key to open the trunk. But that takes practice and time to get to that calmness, but it's worth it.

Wim Hoff has done a great job demystifying meditation and teaching lay people the power of the mind. One of his inspirations was his wife who committed suicide. He wants to make these techniques easy enough to grasp and master even for a person with mental illness. As much as I respect Wim's method and am so delighted with the medical studies he is conducting, I still prefer my practice. THe point is though, that there are a number of ways for you to learn to master your mind to reign in your anxiety to a degree.

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