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Coconut, problems finding, etc
Posted by: intrstelr ()
Date: March 11, 2017 01:38PM

I can never find fresh coconut, even at the best health food stores. I have a mold sensitivity. Before I went vegan, I had longterm health issues n veganism has helped me be on my way to recovery. Anyway, I have a mold sensitivity, so I cant eat dried fruit, so dried coconut, I cannot eat. Would canned coconut milk be a good decision, with guar gum? I know it's not raw, but there aren't many options for coconut, besides coconut water.
What are good ideas for a more island kind of raw vegan diet? I have tried going mostly raw before, but I had issues w giving up grains. Grains are like, filling n high calorie. Obviously potatoes need to be cooked, but they too are high calorie n filling. So it seems like the most high calorie n filling things are cooked, except for coconut. Is there a good online site that's reputable, selling coconut? N especially already cracked open would be good. I hate buying them from the store, going thru all that, n the coconut has rotted.

Other day I got some Sunfoods brand Sacha Inchi seed powder. I've had these seeds before, but not the brand. It has a lot of high reviews, anyone have anything to say about it? People say sachi inchi seed has 17 times more omega 3's than sockeye salmon. It has a lot of protein too. I can't tolerate hemp seeds, for some reason. maybe its the brands, but I have a lot of food intolerances since becoming ill in 2006. Again though, going vegan has really helped with that. I was a billion times worse before.

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Re: Coconut, problems finding, etc
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 11, 2017 09:46PM

I also had a problem finding fresh coconut, And fresh foods just out of the Garden.
I fixed that problem by moving to Vietnam, I think these people have one of the best diets in general ive seen and tasted in my travels. They are 99 percent in top shape here. Food are picked and sold daily, No day old here In Nha Trang.
In the states I cant aford to eat the best healthyest foods available. Here I eat the best fruits and vegies three number one meals for two people about 100 dong $5 US.
And A large sweet coconut is 5- 10 dong.
The other day I learned a new trick here in Vietnam for an energy boost when needed.
Sour fruit will give you a charge! We did a long hot motorcycle ride the other, day were tired stoped under shade tree, and my Vietnamese friend pull out a green mango.
cut it up in slices diped some chille peper on it was an almost intstant pick Up.
Im told that some other sour none ripe fruits have same efect.

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Re: Coconut, problems finding, etc
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: March 12, 2017 03:14AM

You can just order them online before NAFTA is renegotiated. []

You will get them fresher that most you find in the store.

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