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Virus scam exposed
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: March 17, 2020 08:15PM

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out

March 17, 2020

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The government of Italy, as everyone knows, has locked down the whole country of 60 million people. So how many Italians have died from COV? Even by the standards of the useless and misleading diagnostic tests?


As far as the Italian Higher Institute of Health knows, at this point:

Maybe two.


Try to wrap your mind around that.

Good luck.

Seems the president of the Italian Higher Institute has some smarts. He understands that people who already have other serious health conditions, which have nothing to do with COV, can and do die from those other conditions, regardless of the fact that they’ve tested positive (on useless tests) for COV. He gets it. I predict a great future for him. If he keeps shooting his mouth off, he might find himself working as a weed puller in a forest. Or he might suddenly be diagnosed with the virus and find himself in isolation.

Grit your teeth and plow through this piece from Rome, 13 March 2020, Agenzia Nova: “Coronavirus: ISS [Italian National Institute of Health]: in Italy there are only two deaths ascertained so far due to Covid-19” (Italian, English)

“There may be only two people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who did not present other pathologies. This is what emerges from the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health, according to what was reported by the President of the Institute [Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Italian National Institute of Health], Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. ‘Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact…The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people were not presently carriers of [other non-COV] diseases’, but even in these two cases, the examination of the files is not concluded and therefore, causes of death different from Covid-19 could emerge. The president of the ISS has specified that ‘little more than a hundred medical records’ have so far come from hospitals throughout Italy.”

“…At present, in fact, the authorities are unable to distinguish those who died from the virus, from those who, on the other hand, are communicated daily to the public, but who were mostly carriers of other serious diseases and who, therefore, would not have died from Covid-19. In response to a question from ‘Agenzia Nova’, in fact, Brusaferro was unable to indicate the exact number of coronavirus deaths. However, the professor clarified that, according to the data analyzed, the vast majority of the victims ‘had serious [non-COV] pathologies and in some cases the onset of an infection of the respiratory tract can lead more easily to death.’ To clarify this point, and provide real data, ‘as we acquire the folders we will go further. However, the populations most at risk are fragile, carriers of multiple diseases’.”

Translation into non-medical language: the people dying in Italy have other very serious traditional diseases that have nothing to do with COV, and it’s obvious they could have died, and probably did die, from those other diseases. Nevertheless, we’re locking down the whole country.

So, for those people straining to find a reason for the “devastation” overtaking Italy—it’s karma for ancient Rome trying to conquer half the known world; it’s the ghost of Martin Luther obtaining revenge against the Vatican; it’s a bioweapon with the power to cut down millions of people overnight; it’s a virus that came in with a small meteor and crashed outside Milan; it’s Chinese revenge against Marco Polo for stealing the concept of noodles—

Take a break, relax, have a plate of pasta, turn on the TV, and because all the stadiums are empty, watch a rerun of a soccer match from 1979.

PS: For those people who believe this head of the Italian Institute is lying with his facts and figures, stop and think it through. He’s going to announce such devastating news that essentially contradicts everything the Italian government is doing with its lockdowns and quarantines of the whole country? It would be as if the director of the Centers for Disease Control announced, “There are a total of nine deaths in the US we think might have been caused by COV, and even there we’re not sure, because you see, these nine were elderly people who could barely get out of bed long before COV emerged. These nine had extremely serious lung disease NOT CAUSED, I repeat, NOT CAUSED by COV…but anyway, don’t go outside, work from home, don’t touch another human being, watch our website for bargain deals on toilet paper, and oh yes, don’t forget to get your regular flu shot if you can slip into a hazmat suit and drive at breakneck speed to your nearest pharmacy, where injection clerks are waiting…”

Exit From the Matrix

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: jtprindl ()
Date: March 17, 2020 09:04PM

Thank you for this find!

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: March 17, 2020 09:05PM

Apparently the lunatic propagandists in the mainstream media
Will overwhelm the facts counter to their narrative

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: March 18, 2020 01:25AM

Yes, thanks for this! Because I read that Italy accounts for like 87% of the coronavirus deaths.



Also, Mark Levin is another conservative who is saying the Government is going too far in taking away our Liberties, massively increasing the debt, etc.


He just said - he goes to the supermarket just to see what's being hoarded. He said - "You know what's going off the shelves now - black plastic trash bags. What are they going to do with black plastic trash bags? Put them over their head!" LOL They're probably throwing away all that meat that they hoarded a few days ago because it's gone bad - LOL

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: March 18, 2020 02:08AM

So this is Fake News:

Italy reports one-third of deaths in global coronavirus pandemic


New figures show Italy now has one-third of the world’s total deaths from the coronavirus.

Italy on Tuesday added more than 3,500 new positive cases, bringing its total to 31,506. In addition, another 345 people with the virus have died, bringing Italy’s total deaths to 2,503.

Italy is the second-hardest-hit nation after China in the world’s coronavirus pandemic, and the country has the world’s second-oldest population after Japan.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/18/2020 02:20AM by Jennifer.

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: Horsea ()
Date: March 18, 2020 03:22PM

What do you think of Dr Cowan's ideas? (I have no opinion either way.)



He attributes infectious disease (various flus) to electromagnetic interference - in the case of Coronavirus, the 5G being installed. He gives a history of all such interference beginning in 1918, with radio waves.

His method of prevention is the Weston Price diet - heavy on animal foods. This may work for people who have been seriously deficient in nutrients for a long time. For others, I think this diet would attract disease rather than prevent.

Of course, I do not know anything for sure. Maybe it's all "demons"...

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: March 18, 2020 03:55PM

5g may be part
Of it

Its in the cruise ship
That was quarantined

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: misterh ()
Date: March 18, 2020 10:13PM

I knew my health fam would see through all this BS. Thank you for this site!

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: jtprindl ()
Date: March 18, 2020 10:24PM

This was only for the first hundred or so records. We need to wait until more come out for further comment.

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Re: Virus scam exposed
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: March 18, 2020 11:07PM

No we don't they were claiming that they all died due to coronavirus don't you get it?

It is a psyop

They are literally claiming that people with leukemia who die
The reason is virus. THAT WAS ANOTHER REPORT

There was another guy that had another disease I couldn't pronounce
and they claim the cause of death was a virus

Here's another one

The daughter of a man who died of the coronavirus is urging the public to take the infection seriously.

Leonard Gibson suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which often left him coughing and short of breath.




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