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FOX hosts stunned
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: August 01, 2020 05:42AM


- Birx goes full mental , shields! masks! decorate them!
put a straitjacket on her and fauci please, stat.

the NEW russia hoax for the DEMOCRATS is A VIRUS
(remember I was called nuts for suggesting this)

NEXT UP, FLAIR for your hazmat (office space movie)


FLAVORED vaccination shots and vaccination PARTIES!

friggin lunatics.

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Re: FOX hosts stunned
Posted by: NuNativs ()
Date: August 01, 2020 06:04PM

It's really embarrassing that you take political sides.
It's borderline racism, like all black people are gun toting gangsters, all Democrats are XYZ.
What simpleton thinking!
Meat eating Native Americans had a REVERENCE, AWARENESS and RESPECT for Nature.
Modern day rawists couldn't care less.
What happened to REAL RAW FOODISTS and their message, like Johny Lovewisdom and his guide to Paradise Building, and Morris Krok and his books on Utopia, and Hilton Hotema, and Gypsy Boots, besides the fact they are all dead?
They were concerned with PARADISE on EARTH for all and how to construct it.
They preached LOVE for the ONE.
They talked about extreme longevity.
They emphasized planting trees, eliminating money, politics, religion and other DIVISIVE nonsense, i.e., EVOLUTION!
But here WE have fresh, Jennifer, and JR, entrenched in childish, contentious politics as the focal point.
Constant attacking, arguing and fighting, like some inner irritation festering.
I thought raw foods were Enlightening, once the bio-photons ramp up?
It's obvious that what a wo/man talks about is what signals are FLOWING through their brain cells.
Clearly something is missing with today's modern health nut, Nature?
Hell, even Jehovah's Witnesses preach HEAVEN on EARTH.
Nope, we have pre-school US against THEM mental gymnastics, just like those in power wish...

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