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essential Mg
Posted by: Panchito ()
Date: June 07, 2022 09:03PM


Magnesium is involved as a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems and is required for such fundamental processes as energy production and nucleic acid synthesis (Table 1). Intracellular Mg stores are found in high concentration in mitochondria [8], where this element plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and inorganic phosphate [9].

Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzyme systems necessary for:

Protein synthesis
Muscle contraction
Nerve function
Blood glucose control
Hormone receptor binding
Blood pressure regulation
Cardiac excitability
Transmembrane ion flux
Gating of calcium channels

Magnesium is involved in energy production:

Crucial for ATP metabolism (adenylate cyclase)
Oxidative phosphorylation

Clinical symptoms and signs of magnesium deficiency.

Clinical signs are usually totally absent (chronic latent intracellular deficit)

Neuromuscular: weakness; tremor; muscle fasciculation; dysphagia; positive Chvostek's sign (facial twitching as a reaction to facial nerve tapping); positive Trousseau's sign (application of a pressure cuff to transiently occlude the brachial artery resulting in spasm of muscles of the hand and forearm)

Cardiac: arrhythmias and ECG changes

Central nervous system: depression, agitation, psychosis, nystagmus, and seizures

less than one percent of total body Mg is found in the serum

Cooking and boiling of produce result in a significant decline of the food's Mg content [25].

Reduced gastrointestinal absorption of Mg occurs in the face of vitamin D deficiency, a common problem in western cultures [26].

Mg levels are generally lower in people who have metabolic syndrome [59]

long-term Mg supplementation improves outcomes in neuropathy in type 1 diabetics [68].

rapid recovery of depression has been reported with the use of Mg glycinate or Mg taurinate [72].

Magnesium is required as a coenzyme to convert tryptophan to serotonin, a neurotransmitter recognized as a major determinant of mental health and mood.

Supplementation of 500 mg of Mg has been associated with significant improvement in the insomnia severity index, sleep time, sleep efficiency, sleep onset latency, serum cortisol concentration, serum renin, and melatonin [78].

In the presence of Mg deficiency, stress may increase risk of cardiovascular damage, constriction or occlusion of coronary or cerebrovascular arteries, cardiac arrhythmias, and sudden death [110].

Mg protects against these adverse effects and the shortening of telomeres seen with lower Mg and a reduction of life expectancy [114].

Mg salts are known to enhance skin hydration, dermal permeability, and barrier repair and to facilitate epidermal proliferation and differentiation, thus reducing inflammation [123, 124].

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