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can you eat elderberries?
Posted by: POOCH ()
Date: June 17, 2007 06:19PM

As everything in my poor garden is drying up due to no rain I notice that the elderberries are plentiful. Can you eat these raw and what do you do with them? I have only heard of elderberry jelly and i think it has a pound of sugar in it. Anyone know?

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Re: can you eat elderberries?
Posted by: myst1kst0rm ()
Date: June 17, 2007 07:33PM


If you are going to consume elderberry, your best bet is probably to go with a commercially prepared product. Large doses of elderberry juice contain a chemical called sambunigrin, which can induce can cause uncontrollable diarrhea, and uncooked berries can cause nausea and vomiting, even if they are ripe. Elderberry bark, leaves, seeds, and raw or unripe fruit contains cyanide, and is potentially toxic.

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Re: can you eat elderberries?
Posted by: Funky Rob ()
Date: June 18, 2007 05:53AM

You can eat elderberries raw, I sometimes eat a few, but I never want to eat many.
See [] for more info, including the above mentioned toxicity.

If there are still elderflowers, you can make a delicious drink - put some dried figs and a dash of lime juice in a jug with some heads of elderflowers and leave for about 24 hours.


Rob Hull - Funky Raw
My blog: []

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