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Brand new to forum very new to juicing
Posted by: Tombotronic ()
Date: August 17, 2011 06:40PM

Hi folks, I am a relatively new juicer... about 3 weeks or so now. Not totally juice but I try to do all juice and one healthy meal per day. By way of comparison, up til not that long ago I was a fast food, eating out, junk food horror story. I am going to bore you a bit with short history of my juicing aspirations. Long ago when I was in my late teens I had seen some article about juices and so I thought hey, that sounds good. I bought a can of carrot juice at the local IGA and nearly puked. Little did I understand the difference between that crap and real juice. So I forgot all about it. Then many years later I became a serious night owl due to my schedule and I started seeing this older gentleman with Breshnev quality eyebrows called the juiceman (Jay Kordich) doing infomercials for juicers. I thought hey that sounds cool, but I had no credit card and even if I did I had no money really and at the time the only juicers I could find locally were citrus juicers. So I forgot all about it. Then I started seeing Jack Lalaine selling something similar, and again did the forget all about it routine.

A little over three months ago I would say, I decided I needed to get more healthy. A trip to the hospital ER with what I thought was a heart attack (It wound up being an anxiety attack from stress and lack of rest) I knew that with my gargantuan size and awful eating habits that I was going to have the real thing sooner rather than later and never wanted that feeling again. So I started eating all whole grains, cut out red meat, started cooking at home, quit the diet soda, walking a few miles a day, etc. Wow what a difference in how I felt. Then I caught the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

This time I really caught the bug. I was not so much moved by the main guy Joe as I was by the truck driver so I set out to get a juicer. Well we looked into the Breville juicers mainly because that was the brand on the show. We tossed the idea around but decided we couldn't afford it and you know what, I nearly forgot about it again. But we happened to be in Lowes and saw a relatively cheap Waring Pro Juicer and sort of impulse bought it. It had a 90 day in store return policy and it was cheap. We stopped at the grocery store and stocked up on produce and got home and got started. That was all it took. We were both now hooked on the juice. Neither of us could start our day properly without some mean green. Then I started my real research. Learned as much as I could about juicers. I read countless articles, watched hours and hours of video, and decided that eventually we would need a different juicer. The Waring was fine for what it was, but we were wasting SOOOO much produce and within a couple of weeks I noticed that the performance was suffering. I think the blades were already dulling and the motor seemed to strain and more and more juice was just kind of hanging out in the juicer. Well one morning it kind of just was apparent that it was not going to live any longer.

So, (apologies to John K. for this part of the story but a fellow has to do what he has to do) we decided we wanted the Omega VRT 350, based on all of my research and that we wanted to juice a wide variety of produce. Now like most people we are not destitute, but we are in a position where an extra fifty or 60 bucks makes all the difference in whether we can pay our bills. So we did our footwork and found that Bed Bath and Beyond in a town very near us had the juicer in "limited availability" (anyone find it funny that the town that had the omega was called Norwalk?) Limited availability meant they had the display model with no parts. But karma was smiling and the very next day we looked and found that they were now available. We chose BB&B because we had a coupon, we have a business in which we can use the juicer so we have a tax id, there is no shipping and we could have that sucker immediately. (again sorry John) So with returning the busted Waring Pro and all the other cost cutting measures of the coupon and so forth, we got our Omega for around 235 bucks.

We used it for the first time last night and if it continues to perform the way it has over the few juicings so far... We are elated with our decision. So while we didn't buy from John, he was definitely the primary deciding factor in our decision to get the Omega VRT 350. (In a couple of months we hope to make a token show of appreciation by buying the Ito press from Discount Juicers)

Anyway that is my tale, sorry it was so very long, and I will try to be active on the forum to let folks know how it goes.


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Re: Brand new to forum very new to juicing
Posted by: WheatgrassYogi ()
Date: August 17, 2011 10:41PM

Tombotronic Wrote:
> Anyway that is my tale, sorry it was so very long,
> and I will try to be active on the forum to let
> folks know how it goes.
That was interesting. Thanks for sharing.
You're the first person here, that I recall, to use the Waring Pro Juicer. Several here have tried their Blender......WY

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Re: Brand new to forum very new to juicing
Posted by: Tombotronic ()
Date: August 18, 2011 01:05AM

I think if someone were an occasional sort of 'recreational' juicer, the Waring Pro Juice Extractor would never cause them a problem. The issue is that we were juicing for 3 and sometimes 4 people anywhere from 2 to 4 times a day. It was just too little juicer for our needs. Other than the fact that we wore it out, the points I would let people know about are:

No external pulp ejection. You must stop juicing several times a session (depending what you are juicing) and clean out the internal pulp 'ring'.

Very wet pulp

Left entire slices of produce in the basket

The good points were:

It juiced carrots very well

Brushed metal and black construction didn't show staining

Sturdy footprint

Thanks again folks

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