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The ultimate meal
Posted by: jonl138 ()
Date: November 01, 2012 04:32AM

Has anyone heard of this? The ultimate meal. Is it any good?


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Re: The ultimate meal
Posted by: RawLibrarian ()
Date: November 01, 2012 09:06PM

jonl138 Wrote:
> Has anyone heard of this? The ultimate meal. Is it
> any good?
> []

To my knowledge, this isn't raw, so if being 100% raw is important to you, then you might give it a pass. I think there are raw products like this from Sun Warrior.

I consider products like Ultimate Meal 'emergency rations'. If you want to give a smoothie a boost, you could add hemp seeds and chia seeds, which is what I started doing. I would much rather get my nutrients from whole foods and not powders.

I did use this product, and wrote a review on Amazon. It's a decent product, but it isn't something I'd make a staple, myself. Review is below:

"I bought a small container of this to try it--our kitchen will be remodeled soon and I won't have access to a refrigerator for a few weeks. I normally have a green smoothie every day for breakfast and wanted to see if this product could be a viable substitute, used with fruit that would need little or no refrigeration. (We'll store some perishables, including berries, in a cooler on our screened porch.)

It's quite decent, actually, but I did not exactly follow the directions on the package. The reason--the directions call for about 1 cup of water (8 to 10 oz) and 2 scoops (2/3 cup!) of Ultimate Meal (along with the banana, 1/2 apple and blueberries) if you only have UM once a day. In other words, you are adding almost as much powder as water, and I thought that the texture would have been really unappetizing. I added half the amount of UM--1/3 cup--and I thought it tasted fine. It was a bit gritty even with so much less UM, and I used my BlendTec high-speed blender on the extra-large smoothie setting. My green smoothies come out satiny smooth on that setting, so it is clearly the UM powder that is causing the gritty texture.

Verdict--This is a very nutritious product, and I'll continue using it for the duration of our remodeling project. It would be good product to take on the road if I were going someplace where I thought it would be difficult to eat the way I normally do, and it would be a godsend to someone in an institutional setting like an assisted living facility or nursing home or to use for smoothies to bring to someone who is hospitalized. However, I will be glad to get back to my green smoothies!

Edited to add: I've been using this for a week. Using a milk of some sort (almond, hemp, coconut) instead of water makes a much thicker shake than just using water. I can have this at 6:30 AM and it keeps me going until lunch at noon."

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