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delicious low-sugar combos?
Posted by: mallow ()
Date: November 28, 2006 04:42PM

Anyone have yummy recipes for low-sugar juices?

I feel that it is better to eat your fruit and get the fiber than to drink fruit juices. I've only had my juicer three days, and I'm new at this.

I've searched around for recipes, but most of them are fruit-based or high fruit.

I've been juicing apples, though, since they are low sugar, and mixing them with celery, spinach, romaine, lemon, ginger, and carrot.
I know that beets and carrots have a lot of sugar, but I haven't had more than 1-2 very large beets or 3 large carrots in a day. I have trouble digesting veggies sometimes, and I am enjoying getting my minerals from juices.

I'm going to try cucumber/apple/celery/ginger tonight, maybe with beet and/or lemon added.

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Re: delicious low-sugar combos?
Posted by: jamied1217 ()
Date: December 01, 2006 03:28PM

Be careful of the beet! I once made a juice and put too much in and it tasted horrible. Beets are strong so you only need a little.

I also juice strawberries and grapes.

Have fun Juicing!!

Love you,
Jamie smiling smiley

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Re: delicious low-sugar combos?
Posted by: llulu ()
Date: December 14, 2006 05:14PM

This is my morning juice. I call it "Sour Patch Kids," and my kids (who are finnicky eaters) will even drink some. (I think they only tried it the first time because of the name!

3-4 stalks Kale
1 head Romaine
handful of what ever herbs I have on hand
large handful wheatgrass
2 green apples
either 1 lemon or 1 1/2 cups of fresh cranberries
knob of ginger

I use a Kempo Green Power juicer. I drink half in the morning and half at around 3 pm when my energy is lagging! Adjust amount of ginger, lemon and cranberry if you like things less sour or spicy

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