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Just blend and squeeze?
Posted by: powerline777 ()
Date: February 07, 2016 10:02PM

Apology upfront if this has been covered in the past but I went back a bit in the forums and no dice.

Juicing has taken on a whole new meaning in my life and the more I juice the more I want to make this a permanent part of my diet.

I already had a Bullet for smoothies so what I've been doing is blasting the veggies with some ice and water and then taking all the pulp and pouring it into a paint strainer bag. I put a stick in the neck and twist out all the juice.

Its a very very manual cold press and I'd say 1/4 of my yield is just water [ I can tell because if I juice a gallon overnight it settles and the juice is at the bottom and the water at the top).

How much difference is there in doing this and say using a Norwalk? I am blending and getting the pulp and its super cold and I just squeeze the living daylights out of it.

Given the proliferation of other juicers and Norwalks etc...etc. I must be missing something that the NurtiBullet is doing wrong?

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Re: Just blend and squeeze?
Posted by: autumn-vegan ()
Date: February 09, 2016 02:14PM

This is how I juiced for the longest time! I would make anywhere from 8oz-40oz of fresh juice using my Vitamix. I blended everything with a little water or coconut water added, then poured it all through a pantyhose sock. Squeezing that thing took forever. I would store the juices in my fridge using re-purposed glass bottles (from kombucha or something). I knew this wasn't the same as having a tasted and felt different than what I'd get at a juice bar. I, like you, was interested in juicing for the long term/making it an integral part of my daily life! I wanted a juicer, if for nothing else, the ease of use haha...I could go the rest of my life without ever straining juices through a sock again!! I bought an Angel juicer. I have read that where juicing differentiates from blending is, for one, slow juicers like the Angel gently yet powerfully break down the plant fiber to extract the most nutritious juice from the material, whereas blender blades are sharp and spin quickly, destroying the plant material instead of merely extracting juice from it. The pulp that comes out of my Angel looks pressed dry. The pulp from my Vitamix looked...more like a slightly fibrous flour? I can tell the Angel has merely squeezed the plant material slowly through its two twin gears. Blenders also create friction as the blades spin. The Angel is designed to keep juices cool, and there are no quickly moving parts to create the same friction a blender would. As far as storing the juices- I suppose I don't recommend that method anymore! Apparently fresh juice oxidizes within the first 15-30 minutes of being made, and therefore needs to be consumed immediately. This makes sense- a juice I would store for a few days tasted, looked, but most importantly FELT less vibrant than the truly fresh juices I now make in the Angel. I could tell the stored juices had deteriorated considerably, even just a few hours later. I'd also like to mention that because the Angel is so easy to clean and use, I use it more than once a day with ease. It makes non-dairy milks too! I made sesame milk a few days ago (: With the right housing, it can grind things to a smooth paste, like frozen bananas or nuts! It's called the 'peanut butter housing'. I guess the main difference between using a blender vs juicer is that the slow juicers (twin gear) are designed to utilize the most gentle yet thorough/effective method of extracting nutrients in a timely fashion so that one may consume fresh juice immediately, before it succumbs to oxidation. I hope I've mostly covered it !! Maybe someone else can get more technical than I can XD I do not know as much about Norwalk. I have a Magic Bullet blender which I rarely use. I wasn't a fan of the thing because it's simply not as powerful as my Vitamix hehe (; I am enamored with my Angel juicer, I use it daily, if not for myself then for my friends who have begun requesting I make them juices !! YES, the Angel makes a slightly sweeter tasting juice than any other juicer I've experienced! Let's just say I've got some people hooked on grapefruit juice... I am so confident in the Angel's ability to produce the best tasting & FEELING juices anyone has ever had that I offer just about everyone who walks through our front door a homemade juice. I recommend 100% that you make the switch to a real juicer instead of using a blender! The difference is noticeable!

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Re: Just blend and squeeze?
Posted by: powerline777 ()
Date: February 10, 2016 02:46PM

Hey thank you very much for the detailed reply. I will take a closer look at the Angel juicer thanks to you!

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