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The Raw Food Leaders Teleclass Series, Wed. May 17 @ 3 PM EST
Posted by: andrea7 ()
Date: May 09, 2006 01:07PM

Paul Nison

“How to Stay Healthy or Become Healthy on a Raw Food Diet”

Join Paul Nison, world-famous author and raw food promoter (USA) as he teams up with The Fresh Network for the fourth call in the Raw Food Leaders Teleclass Series on Wednesday 17 May 2006 at 8pm UK time (12 noon PST / 3pm EST).

Presenting a 1-hour live teleclass entitled “How to Stay Healthy or Become Healthy on a Raw Food Diet” the information Paul will be sharing with us is the culmination of many years of personal and professional study on the subject of raw foods and optimum health.

This talk is suitable for all levels of interest in raw foods but especially those new to it, those who have been struggling with certain aspects of it and/or those who are currently ill.

Here’s Paul’s own words on what he will be discussing:

“When it comes to the raw food diet over the years I’ve seen too many people get themselves in trouble by doing foolish things. I am not just talking about newcomers, but even long term raw food eaters. As we learn more we are supposed to change for the better not for the worse. How come people on a raw food diet are not living any longer than people eating the average junk food diet? How come many people who are eating a raw food diet are not living any longer without disease? It was very important to me to find out the answers, so I did the research and have the answers.

“In my lecture I will talk about why many people have run into and continue to run into problems on a raw food diet. I will also answer how they can overcome the damage that has already been done and what to do to get healthy again. Many people like to give their ideas as to what they think works and why, everything I will speak about can be backed up by science. That is the difference between what I speak about and many other people on the raw diet speak about. Even though the human body is some amazing and we are all different in our own way, once we understand the science behind how the body works we can simply understand disease, health and how to thrive in life. My understanding along with the people who have been successful at doing what I suggest lead me to believe I have found the right answers that I’m excited to share with the world.”

Sign up for this call and you will…

Learn about the cause and cure of all dis-ease
Discover why eating too much fruit is dangerous
Learn exactly why it is important to keep the blood clean
Learn about the importance of juicing and blending foods
Learn more about the importance of green foods
Hear Paul’s thoughts on supplements and how to use them for good
Discover the dangers of stimulants
Hear why television is the most harmful thing in our life
Discover the safest way to eat a raw food diet
Hear more about the importance of exercise

And there’s more!

All callers who book for this call will not only come away with an armful of must-have information and the opportunity to have their questions answered personally by Paul, but will also be offered the following exclusive bonuses…

From Paul: 10% discount on all orders placed totaling over $300, or 5% discount on all orders under $300 ordered at

From The Fresh Network: Each caller who emails the given address after the call will receive a free Fresh Network Tip Sheet: How to Select the Right Juicer for You, Price and how to book

Each call in this series will be priced at just £10 per person (approx. $14 US, as no VAT to pay for non EEC residents) for the live 1 hour call, with a 10% discount for Fresh Network members. At this price it’s exceptionally good value for money and means that the classes should be affordable for all – the bonuses are worth more than that alone! Places on the call are limited, and early booking is strongly advised.

To book online, visit

To book by phone, please call +44 (0)1353 725139

About Paul

At age 20 Paul Nison was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (also know as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), a deadly affliction. After turning to a raw food diet over 10 years ago, Paul was cured of all his illnesses. Paul’s study of health led him to read the bible and he found the bible to be the best health book ever written. Paul is on a mission to bring the message of health and healing to the world.

Paul has written six books on the topic of health and nutrition and has appeared on many television and radio shows. Paul has, in fact, given more lectures on raw foods in the past 4 years than anyone else in the world, to his knowledge.

Paul is known among his peers as one of the most humble, enjoyable people to be around, while, at the same time, he speaks boldly and to the point. He has a unique style combining humour and boldness to get his message across to everyone. From children to seniors, men and women, everyone stands to benefit from Paul’s message.

More info about Paul Nison: and

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