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Dental Damage
Posted by: Healthy Girl ()
Date: November 26, 2013 04:13AM

Hello Everyone!

I'm new in this forum.
My name is Sarah and I'm 27 years old.
In the last years I got very interested in the Raw Food Diet.
I'm vegan now, but not completely raw yet.

I especially signed up for this forum, because I often faced that many people are having Dental Problems being on the Raw Food Diet.
I was afraid that if I start the Raw Food Diet, my dental health would decrease rapidly.
Therefore I thought about creating an eBook, on how to avoid and deal with Dental Problems.

What do you think about it? Do you think you would be interested to get an eBook about this topic?

Looking very forward to hear from you! smiling smiley
All the best,

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Re: Dental Damage
Posted by: esa ()
Date: February 15, 2014 11:50PM

Yes, recent dental problems have given me more interest in topic. My issues seem to stem more from falling off of my diet, though. The whole issue of dental hygiene seems so important, though. Many may have concerns that their lack of concern about hygiene might be misguided, since rawfoods can make you less concerned. Kind of an irony there.

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Re: Dental Damage
Posted by: batalionn ()
Date: August 03, 2014 04:14PM

I had dental problems on the fruitarian diet. Too much sugar

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Re: Dental Damage
Posted by: Panchito ()
Date: August 17, 2014 07:48PM

If you can afford it, I would maybe invest into this toothbrush:

Philips Sonicare Flexcare [] (also available on sale at Costco)

or Philips Sonicare DiamondClean []

There is a special interdental brush available: Philips Sonicare HX9003/64

they vibrate at a very high frequency (like resonating) and remove all short of junk other methods can't. The other electric tooth brushes don't compare

Also look into natural mouth wash. This one is available everywhere: [] or to prevent green stain from the liquid (and withoput fluoride): []

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Re: Dental Damage
Posted by: Selma ()
Date: April 27, 2015 08:39PM

Most people I know who eat raw food also use fluoride free (is that the right word?) toothpaste. I did also but got problems with my teeth so switched back to my old toothpaste even if it's a bit poison in it...

The people you know that have gotten problems, what about their toothpaste? I am not saying flouride is great or anything. This is just my personal experience with the teeth. The raw food diet has not been a problem for me but the fluoride free toothpaste has been a big problem for my teeth. Now when I have my old toothpaste my teeth are getting better again.

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