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Just getting started again
Posted by: just 4 me ()
Date: April 28, 2014 09:05PM

I was doing rawfood back in 2002 and 2003. I remained a vegetarian until this day. I have been having health issues since January. The symptoms are very painful. Online I have been reading and think it is IBS.

I am gluten sensitive, now taking Keybiotics and a peppermint oil pill with ginger oil and fennel from Tummy Tamers. I drink peppermint tea and it makes a huge difference. I am hypoglycemic and have a spastic colon. This afternoon I stood up too quickly and got really black headed and dizzy.

In this last year I have had tremendous stress: my mother passed, my brother and his wife were very vocally angry at me, I have not been home in a year, I had a bad controlling boss who bullied me for 4 months. In fact the day I asked for a transfer was the hardest day and the same weekend all of my health issues started acting up.

I have a juicer and was interested in getting some colonic recipes and suggestions. I do not want to buy anything other than the food to do this. I can do it myself and do not have money to buy it premade; I want to know EXACTLY what is in it. When I have those painful episodes there is no doubt in my mind it is when I eat something wrong, mainly if I think I can eat bread, or when I do not eat for too long. I also get hot and uncomfortable when I am otherwise chilly and sit under an electric blanket. Also they exhaust me, I sleep on the couch for 2-3 hours afterwards. When I have a good day I cannot sleep very easily.

I try to eat every 2-3 hours. I started buying raw nuts and stay mostly vegan except for the occasional egg or maybe greek yogurt. (Just really because I like them and they don't really seem to bother me.) No cheese and no bread, except an occasional piece of toasted pumpernickel for my avocado and onion. I just recently, in the last 6 months, lost over 40 pounds (on purpose) with daily exercise and eating right for my body. (Well trying to eat right. My body is very finicky as to what does not hurt.) I eat a lot of raw like salads or fresh fruit. I also add cooked fresh veggies to all my meals.

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Re: Just getting started again
Posted by: jmh6251 ()
Date: July 12, 2014 04:38PM

Me too, yesterday was my first full day back on raw unprocessed food. I was raw several years ago. I gave it up for no particular good reason that i can remember. I always promised myself that if I started getting medical problems I would fully embrace raw lifestyles. Well it is time to make good on my promise to myself. I am in constant pain, had to quit my job because I couldn't keep up with the physical aspect of what had to be done. I am eating mostly fruit and raw nuts. I am going to be adding leafy greens because of the healing properties. I too am gluten intolerant so won't be adding the fermented wheat/ rye water. I forget what that is called. So I have some healing to accomplish. It sounds like you have had some challenges to overcome. I'm with you and don't do well with controlling people. It is always hard to lose your parents, my prayers are with you. I have also lost my parents several years ago. I don't have any advice on the colonics. I hope the change in diet helps you heal. I send my prayers and positive thoughts your way

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