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Growing broccoli sprouts - Question for John Kohler, et al
Posted by: rawne ()
Date: March 11, 2012 08:16PM

Can you direct me to a video that will demonstrate how to successfully grow broccoli sprouts in terra cotta pots? I've had to dispose of four batches after four unsuccessful attempts. The same seeds sprouted in a glass mason jar although not as well as other seeds. I prefer using terra cotta because I got to sample a small amount and the taste superiority between the former and glass is marked.

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Re: Growing broccoli sprouts - Question for John Kohler, et al
Posted by: banana who ()
Date: April 14, 2012 07:22PM

I can't vouch for terra cotta pots but I have read that using citric acid as a rinse for your sprouts is helpful for keeping them from spoiling (I am assuming they went bad, like what happened to me). If you live in a humid area, it's best to do it at a time when the air is drier (like fall or winter, if you live in a 4-season area).

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Re: Growing broccoli sprouts - Question for John Kohler, et al
Posted by: diousebla ()
Date: October 17, 2013 08:32PM

Hi I am new to sprouting but did successfully grow brocolli sprouts.
I purchased a terra cotta plant saucer at Lowes/9 inch, no holes. I washed and boiled in a large pot to sterilize. Took a 10/11 inch clear pie plate, poured water in pie plate, set wet clay saucer in water and let overfill come out. Clear pie plate lets you monitor water keeping saucer moist from underneath. Cut circle of material from old clean sheet and scalded to sterilize. Laid material on top of saucer, sprayed to dampen and molded to shape of saucer. Some sites say not necessary to soak brocolli, some say soak up to 24 hrs, I did both ways. Sprinkle seeds, spray mist to make sure they are damp if you did not soak. I covered with a plastic plate cover used in microwave. It was semi clear and had vent holes for air circulation. I set near a window that had a mini blind thus filtered natural light, but in a fairly dark room. I spray misted with a water bottle morning and night, smelled to make sure there was no off smell. I harvested on the 5th day ... as in, set in saucer on Sunday, picked on Friday. Evidently all worked well for me. The only investment that my house did not have was brand new clay saucer. The roots clinge to the material but not had to get mass off. Soaked in water to let seeds rise to top, granted not all came off, but got most.
Good luck, they are suppose to be extremely healthy for you!

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