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Grizzlies of Denali
Posted by: brome ()
Date: August 12, 2007 11:55PM

As incongruous as it may seem the grizzly bears of Denali National Park eat a diet of interest to both the vegan and fruitarian. In his book The Grizzlies of Mount McKinley, Adolph Murie gives an illuminating account of his research. First the bears hibernate for 5-6 months, from late October to April, a period of complete fasting. On coming out of their dens in the spring they concentrate on sprouting grasses, other greens, and a few roots. Although they will go for carrion if available, many do not find any and can go years on a pure vegan diet. Later as the berries ripen they will become fruitarians for a few months when there is a bountiful crop. There is quite a variety of fruit for being on the Arctic Circle; Blueberry, Crowberry, Buffaloberry, Cranberry, Bearberry Manzanita, Currents, Rose Hips, and Silverberry (Elaeagnus commutata). With careful selection some really good fruit could be produced even in the Arctic making possible a fruitarian existence even that far north. Plus the grizzlies favorite sprouting grass, Arctic Bentgrass could be a good supplement along with some of the other greens. Wild sprouting grasses can taste mouth watering good unlike wheat grass .

Other cold climate fruits I've read about: Paw Paw, a member of the tropical Custard Apple family, Juneberry, Jujube, Gooseberry. Lingonberry, Kiwifruit, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Plums, and many others. Plus, thru selection many southern fruits can have their cold tolerance increased. With thoasands of growers, each carefully selecting seeds and sharing them, tremendous advancements can be made in even a few plant generations. Wherever plants can grow fruitarians can flurish.

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Re: Grizzlies of Denali
Posted by: Kit ()
Date: August 19, 2007 04:26PM

Thanks brome.

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