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need help about toxin and shecking
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: June 20, 2006 07:25PM

Hi, well my friend has been on the raw diet for about 6 month now. she has a pretty bad liver and has been ill for about 6 years. the other problem is that she cant eat any cook food it makes her badly ill if she dose. so she has been fasting for many years on and off until 6 months ago when someone told her about raw food diet so she tried and that has been working really good. she cant eat allot of variety of food still, her diet consist of eating avocados,tomatoes,carrots and carrots juice,mushrooms,celery,bananas, and raw honey. sometime she as to have some mush cook potatoes when she feels really hangry and it helps her. now the problem is that because of her bad liver her body is detoxing all the time and sometime it gets really violent and hurts her allot her hands and legs cramps up, she gets sharp pain all over her body and face and recently has been shaking realy badly and we are wondering if maybe the shaking part could be caused by some raw food she might be eating? so my question there anyone who knows someone or that would have some kind of the same problem and that could help with some answers about the shaking and even the other problems. by the way she is not in medications because her live cant handle anything that strong.
well thank you so much and hope some one can help that would be truly appreciated.
thank you for reading


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Re: need help about toxin and shecking
Posted by: luna_sky_1 ()
Date: June 20, 2006 10:09PM

I'm not sure about the foods/shaking connection. I know there are some foods that she could be having an alergic reaction to, though. Is there some food that she recently started eating since you said her shaking had just recently begun?

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