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Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: November 22, 2014 04:27PM

by Calvin Burgin 4/17/97


What about rabies? Bats and skunks are supposedly infected with rabies. They are mammals just like dogs, so why do they not die off from rabies? We say, stay away from bats, they might have rabies. Why don’t we say, stay away from dogs, they might have rabies? The owner of a dog kennel in Texas decided to test all 22 of his dogs for rabies and included a sample of the owners’ and vets’ blood. It came back 11 dogs and the vet had rabies. He sent in samples again from the same dogs. It came back 9 dogs and the owner and the vet had rabies, but 5 of the dogs were different dogs this time.

T. C. Fry was bitten by a dog. It was tested and it had rabies. They killed the dog; then the county health officials pleaded with Fry to take the shots. He laughed at them and told them he did not accept their voodoo nonsense. He never developed rabies. What about people who die of rabies? They probably died from the 21 shots they tried to endure. What about venereal disease? Venereal diseases are often not contagious (only one spouse has the disease). There must be something else involved. Just because we have been taught these things all our life does not make them so. At one time nearly everybody in the world knew for a positive fact that the Earth was flat. Everybody was wrong. If everybody believes it, it is probably wrong anyway! Or you might say, if everybody believes the world is flat, then the world is flat.

Two Frenchmen were bitten at the same time by the same “rabid” dog. One died within a month from the “infection”, but the other had sailed to the United States and was unaware of the death of the first. FIFTEEN YEARS later he returned to France and learned of his former companion’s death. He immediately developed symptoms and within three weeks was dead of “rabies”! THERE IS GOOD EVIDENCE THAT RABIES DOES NOT EXIST EXCEPT IN THE IMAGINATION, BUT IF YOU IMAGINE IT, YOU MAKE IT REAL.


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Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: November 22, 2014 06:14PM

John, I didn't see any references (or any other means of verification) provided for any of the stories Calvin Burgin told about rabies - not even the TC Fry story.

Unfortunately, some people believe whatever they read if it appears to fit what they already believe (or suspect). That's OK, but it's often based on a lack of knowledge about the subject in the first place. And there's no rule that forbids a more skeptical approach that might require evidence.

For example, did you John Rose see a medical report verifying the story about the kennel owner? It kind of seems ridiculous, since the rabies virus is not normally detected before symptoms become evident. You can't just test a person or dog without symptoms and expect to find the virus if it's there. So how could there be so many positive diagnoses? NOT.

Which is why people aren't normally tested for the virus right after they've been bitten.

And not all bites from an animal with rabies will even transmit the virus. TC Fry for example. If such an incident did occur (and I couldn't find it anywhere except from your author Calvin Burgin), maybe the rabid animal didn't have a high viral load (yet). Maybe the bite didn't break the skin. Maybe TC Fry's immune system was able to knock the virus out (being natural hygienic and all). None of this would mean that the virus doesn't exist.

"Venereal diseases are often not contagious (only one spouse has the disease). There must be something else involved."

Yes, there is something else. It's called "immune system", which includes the ability of a healthy body to detoxify, flush out, and eliminate a disease. This ability is made stronger by healthy lifestyle.

Accurate tests do exist for viruses. Viruses can be cultured. AND... viruses don't always cause disease.

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Posted by: Panchito ()
Date: November 22, 2014 08:25PM

deductive logic, evidences, etc., are interpretations that seek a result (proof). But an evidence does not necessarily cross relate to the desired seeked result. That only happens in the mind of someone in court. Look, if you don't have evidcence that means that my argument is true. When a judge asks for evidence, it is ususally a battle between two versions that seek different outcomes. If you look at the history of deductive reasoning you'll find Rene Descartes. To me, he was the jack ass of the Renaissance. Now, all that old thought style is assumed as gospel in science. But in truth, it is only a reasoning style based on a method. The result may have nothing to do with truth but with seeked outcome. Truth is way beyond human reasoning. The proof to that is in the history of resoning itself. Reasoning can be challenged if one is willing to see it only as what it is (monkey thought), without giving it God like status.

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Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: November 22, 2014 09:08PM


A huge part of your Belief System has been Contrived, it does NOT work and it Supports the Status Quo by keeping us Sick and easily Controlled. In contrast, my Belief System has NOT been Contrived, it DOES work and it Destroys the Status Quo by getting us Healthy and Re-Connected and once we are Re-Connected, we will NOT be easily Controlled.

Unfortunately, you, like almost everyone else, has way too many References that Support your False Beliefs about Dis-ease and Medicine and if you want to get an idea about how your Beliefs have been Contrived and how NOTHING has changed in the last 150 years (or in the last several thousand years actually), read and STUDY this speech that Dr. Russell T. Trall gave at the Smithsonian Institution in 1862.


Once again, NOTHING has changed and you are a FOOL to put your faith in Organized Medicine - you are a FOOL to believe in the Contagion Myth and the Vaccine Myth and, once again, those Beliefs have been Contrived!!!

Please remember, I use the word FOOL NOT as a chump, but someone who has been Tricked or FOOLED into believing that Dis-ease is an Entity and is Outside of our Control. Most Dis-eases, even so-called Contagious Dis-Eases, are body initiated and Self-Inflicted.

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Posted by: Prana ()
Date: November 22, 2014 10:17PM

Thanks for sharing this important information John.thumbs down

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Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: November 23, 2014 02:45AM

OK, so, in other words, nothing was checked to verify any of the rabies stories cited in the first post.


The story was repeated without being checked - just like the phony Kennedy quote. It was repeated without being checked. And possibly people reading this now will repeat it again, without checking it - and then tell the story as if it really happened. And so on.

And it will become another internet myth.

The kennel story doesn't even make any sense, because the typical rabies test in a dog happens AFTER THE DOG DIES, using biopsies taken from the brain.

So a question to people who read stories, believe them, and then repeat them as if they are "fact"...Why? Just because you like them? Because they match your existing beliefs? Maybe because it's cool? Because people you admire think the story is true?


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Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: November 24, 2014 02:23PM

Hey suncloud,

Did you read that speech by Dr. Trall?

Based on your reply, my guess would be NO and if so, this is what T. C. Fry would have to say...

"Mental laziness is exemplified in our refusal to face up to the fact that we are easily exploited by beliefs we accept uncritically, which have usually been implanted in us when we were young and impressionable. It is mental laziness when we refuse to take steps to discover the truth that would cast off the shackles of beliefs or slavery. Thus, by default, we continue our slavish, harmful and deleterious ways, affecting not only ourselves but those with whom we're associated."

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Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: November 25, 2014 12:06AM

John Rose,

Actually I agree with nearly all of what Dr. Trall said in his speech. I think maybe you don't fully understand my position, and I will try to explain further.

My argument here is only that germs do exist as just one of the causative factors of disease, and their effects can often be mitigated or prevented.

It appears that Dr. Trall (circa 1880) agreed, since he clearly cited "contagion" and "infection" as root causes for disease. He stated:

"The "Sanitary Commission" visits the camps and hospitals of our armies, and reports that no proper attention is paid to the most obvious conditions of health...The 'Sanitary Commission' report that no proper attention is paid to ventilation; that cleanliness is disregarded; that stagnant waters are allowed to be drunk; and that sources of miasms, infections, and contagions are permitted to accumulate and breed pestilence.

According to the Free Dictionary [Internet], "pestilence" is "any epidemic outbreak of a deadly and highly infectious disease, such as the plague".

Most of us on this forum know that elements contained in junk food, drugs, and dead animals, when ingested, are considered UNhygeinic by vegans, and are deleterious to the health. Many of us are also aware that the same is true regarding poisonous plants (hemlock for example), plus ALSO harmful bacteria and viruses. Although symptoms can be different for each ingestion injury, there's NOT a lot of difference from the standpoint of the body having to enter into a diseased state (accompanied by elimination symptoms) for the purpose of dispelling the foreign matter.

Dr. Trall went on to say, "So what is this mysterious thing, disease? Simply the effort to remove obstructing material from the organic domain, and to repair damages. Disease is a process of purification. It is remedial action. It is a vital struggle to overcome obstructions and to keep the channels of the circulation free."

I agree. So why should we include poisonous plants, viruses and bacteria as "obstructions"? Because when harmful, "obstruction" is what these materials do. They potentially obstruct normal and healthy functions - for example by binding to ligand or hormone receptors.

Specifically, hemlock (cicutoxin, from a plant) "...acts on the GABAA receptor causing a block of the chloride channel which results in neuronal depolarization."


Botulinum toxin (from a bacteria ) obstructs the release of acetylcholine. This action interferes with appropriate nerve impulses, ultimately causing muscle paralysis.


The Ebola virus basically works by obstructing normal protein synthesis and host immune defenses within infected cells.


Blockage from either germs or poisonous plants is similar to any other type of "obstruction", only on a much smaller scale. As the bacteria or viruses reproduce and multiply, or depending on the quantity of hemlock ingested, the obstruction becomes more severe.

The healthier a person is - and diet is extremely important - the more easily a person will heal from an intrusion of any of the above dangerous materials. AND the more likely that the person may not be affected at all.

"The primary cause of disease is not germs. Disease is caused by a toxemia which results in cellular impairment and breakdown, thus paving the way for the multiplication and onslaught of germs."---Dr Henry Bieler, M.D.

I agree.

Somewhere along the way, our medical establishment has sight of this.

Having said this, I do believe that sometimes a drug can save a life - even after natural methods have failed. Once I had a parasite so severe that I almost died. I had symptoms of this parasite for many years, and I probably got it from making bad choices originally. At a certain point of disease progression, no amount of fasting or fruit diet was able to cure me, and my weight plummeted. Fruit was all that I could keep down, and I was in extreme pain, with accompanying symptoms of nerve damage. I was unable to find any natural remedy that could reverse the problem at this late stage.

A doctor gave me Flagyl, which basically is a poison/antibiotic - but I took it in desperation. I was supposed to take the Flagyl for a week, but after 2 days, I could no longer keep down even water. My last sip of water left me gagging for an hour. I knew I was dying, so I decided I'd rather die from the parasite than from the drug. I called my relatives to say goodbye.

Lucky for me though, just those 2 days of Flagyl was enough to cause my body to react with extreme severe diarrhea for the next couple of weeks. The Flagyl nearly killed me, but it also killed the parasite and flushed out all the eggs. I credit the Flagyl - but also the fruit diet, which allowed my body to sustain enough strength to survive the Flagyl - when the parasite could not.

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Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: November 25, 2014 01:44AM

My post should say, "Somewhere along the way, our medical establishment has lost sight of this.

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