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Woman's Mystery Illness Linked to Moldy Implants
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: December 05, 2015 08:20PM


In 2011, Anne Ziegenhorn of Florida began to gain weight inexplicably. Normally healthy, the mother of two soon began suffering from burning pain, vision loss, and cloudy thinking and had sores all over her body. She writes that she was unable to talk for 8 months, instead texting and writing on a dry-erase board. She saw many doctors, certain that their diagnoses of lupus, arthritis, and thyroid problems must be wrong.

Then she saw Dr. Susan Kolb, author of The Naked Truth About Breast Implants, who has implants herself and who suggested mold might be an issue. Sure enough, as soon as Ziegenhorn’s saline breast implants were removed, her symptoms vanished. Wear TV reports Ziegenhorn keeps a video on her phone that shows what was once in her body: a mold-covered implant. (She believes her implant was leaking “moldy fluid” into her system for years.)

She and another woman from Kentucky, Paula Blade, have teamed up to spread the word, reports WPSD Local 6. Blade’s tale is a similar one, and she says that when her removed implants were tested, the implants’ valve was found to be faulty, the “filling fluid [was] grossly contaminated,” and there were signs of mold.

Dr. Kolb believes the mold can often be traced to defective valves (saline implants are put into the body deflated, and the saline is then inserted via the valve). While an FDA spokesman tells Wear TV that he’s not aware of similar complaints being filed by women with moldy implants, he does note that most women will eventually need theirs replaced.

Dr. Kolb, however, says she’s treated thousands of patients with “saline biotoxin illness” and feels strongly that patients should have them changed every eight to 15 years. (This celeb had her saline implants removed due in part to health concerns.)

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

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Re: Woman's Mystery Illness Linked to Moldy Implants
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: December 06, 2015 01:18AM


The shocking health claims against saline implants
Lisa Collier Cool

Could saline implants–hardening, leaking, deflating and turning black with fungus–be making women desperately ill? Former implant recipient Kathryn Gordon thinks so, and a growing number of doctors agree.

The squishy mound blackened with fungus in Kathryn Gordon’s fridge isn’t a lump of cheese gone bad. It’s what the 33-year-old former actress from Atlanta wore next to her heart, inside her bosom, for 11 years–a breast implant she claims made her so desperately ill, she almost committed suicide.

In 1988, when Gordon was 21, she did what most of her friends had done; she went to the doctor and got her bust enlarged from 34B to 34D. "I grew up in a beach town where if you didn’t have big breasts, you got them," she explains. For the first seven years, she had no complaints. But then she began to notice that her joints were slightly achy, she was more tired than normal, and her hair was thinning–though none of the symptoms was bad enough that she needed to see a doctor. It wasn’t until she began breastfeeding her newborn daughter in 1998 that her health really fell apart, she remembers: "We both got an awful thrush infection that made my daughter’s mouth and my nipples bleed. After that, I was always exhausted, despite sleeping 15 hours a day. I had hot and cold chills up my spine, slurred speech and so much pain in my hands, I couldn’t even open a jar of baby food. It was like having a horrendous case of the flu all the time,"

Over the next nine months, Gordon says, she saw several doctors. "Each time I’d outline my whole medical history, including my implant surgery," she recalls. "They’d ask if I had silicone gel, and when I said, ‘No, saline,’ they’d give me a big speech about how the body is made of salt water, so it wouldn’t matter if the implants had leaked or ruptured. They all felt my implants couldn’t be the problem–even though by then, I had severe breast pain."

In May of 1999, on the advice of a friend who knew someone whose implant had ruptured in a car accident, she went to see Susan Kolb, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Atlanta. "I didn’t even have to tell Dr. Kolb my symptoms–she already knew what they were," recalls Gordon. "I started crying when she asked questions like, ‘Are you slurring your words?’ and ‘Do you feel like someone is scratching inside your chest?’ At last I’d found a doctor who didn’t think I was crazy and actually understood what I was going through." Dr. Kolb, who has saline implants herself, urged Gordon to have hers removed immediately.
"When I opened her up, her breast tissue was very inflamed, and the implants looked black," recalls Dr. Kolb. "It was the third time I’d seen black implants in the 100 saline [implant] removals I’ve done. I believe the implants were darkened by a fungus, which then migrated into Kathryn’s bloodstream to cause the symptoms she was experiencing." Six weeks after Dr. Kolb removed Gordon’s implants and treated her with antibiotics and antifungal drugs, Gordon felt fine.

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Re: Woman's Mystery Illness Linked to Moldy Implants
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: December 06, 2015 01:24AM

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Re: Woman's Mystery Illness Linked to Moldy Implants
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: February 01, 2016 07:13AM

The story of a fruitarian-raw vegan who removed her breast implants. She experienced subpar health and removed them, and during the surgery, she saw some black lump removed, as well. In hindsight, she wishes she would have had it analyzed, and the above stories confirm she should have.


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