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Sushi rolls!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: September 28, 2006 07:24PM

I made these sushi rolls last weekend:

Recipe by Alissa Cohen []


4 Raw Nori Sheets
1/2 of a Cauliflower Head
1 Whole Avocado thinly sliced

Add any of the following veggies:

Shredded Carrots
Cucumber Sticks
Mung Beans

The " rice" in these rolls, is actually made of cauliflower. It looks and tastes like real sticky rice for an authentic Japanese flare!

How to make the Rolls

1. In a food processor, grind the cauliflower until grainy.
2. Remove cauliflower mixture from food processor and place a thin layer of it on a nori sheet. Do not put cauliflower on the top few inches of the sheet.
3. Place slices of avocado and other veggies in the center of the sheet.
4. Roll the nori sheet, pulling tight as you roll up, and seal with a few drops of water along the seam.
5. With a sharp knife, cut nori roll into inch thick slices and turn face up on a plate side by side
6.Continue this process with remaining sheets.

Serving Suggestions: Place Bragg liquid Aminos or Nama Shoyu in a small bowl to use as a dipping sauce.

All I can say is WOW! Until now, I had given up on nori rolls. I try to eat a low-fat diet and most of the recipes out there are filled with nut/seed pates. When I found this recipe, I was thrilled. It was super easy to make and we loved em. I thought it tasted WAY better than rice sushi. I made a citrus dipping sauce by mixing some nama shoyu with fresh o.j. (to dilute the salt content). I also used Eden brand pickled ginger and wasabi powder. Not entirely raw but Eden makes their products with no artificial colors/preservatives and it really did give the meal an authetic Japanese flavor.

I highly recommend this recipe. I plan on having it again tonight served with a spring mix salad with fresh ginger vinaigrette. YUM!

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Posted by: sodoffsocks ()
Date: September 28, 2006 08:09PM

Here's how to make some raw wasabi to go with that.

You need:
- a chunk of horse-radish root
- avocado

Processes the horse-radish root until pasty. I normally do this in my champion juicer with the blank plate. Then mash in some of the avocado until you have a something the same consistancy and color of wasabi paste you get in sushi bars.

I make my sushi a little differently to your (just using a khale leaf and some spinach instead of colli-rice), but here are some suggestions for filler which i've found to be amazing.

- avocado, carrot, radish, ginger (all fresh, juilen the carrot, radish and chop the ginger finely)
- avocado, mango and ginger (this soooo good)
- marinated shataki mushroom, marinated shallow, and carrot (I normally use nama shoyu to marinate the mushroom and shallow).


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Re: Sushi rolls!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: September 28, 2006 08:50PM

Wow, the mango/ginger/avo roll sounds great! I am going to try red beet sticks in my sushi tonight. Will let you know how that goes.

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