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Raw Again
Posted by: Misery's Fence ()
Date: August 29, 2008 02:03AM

I've been raw on and off for several years. Being 75% raw isn't difficult--I love fruits and salads--but it's the social aspect of getting together for dinner with friends, etc.,that keeps 100% out of my reach.

That said, here's my intake for the day:

Breakfast--red grapes
Snack--gazpacho with avocado and dehydrated flax crackers, kombucha
Lunch--large salad with baby greens, herbs from my garden, mixed raw nuts, strawberries, avocado, goji berries, and bee pollen; olive oil and lemon dressing
Snack--halva (which I thought was raw, but turned out not to be--bummer)
Supper--raw energy bar, kombucha

At my age, I expect a lot of bizarre stuff going on with my female organs (my uterus is prolapsing, for one), but my period started today--less than 2 weeks after the last one. And the last one was only 2 weeks after the one before. No wonder I'm always knackered; can we say "anemia?" A pox on the gynecologists who refused to recommend me for a hysterectomy because "it's not affecting your health because you're not anemic." And I'm a heavy bleeder too--3 periods in 4 weeks' time will probably do the trick. My current doc is a big believer in blood tests; I might mosey on over tomorrow and get my finger stuck.

Anyhoo...looking forward to strawberries for breakfast tomorrow, and banana smoothies. Yum!

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Re: Raw Again
Posted by: Misery's Fence ()
Date: August 30, 2008 03:27PM

OK, I was a bad girl last night. But I find that having the mindset of being 'mostly raw' takes away a lot of the pressure and guilt. In the past, striving for 100% raw and slipping up led to days and even weeks of eating cooked. Putting the intention in my head that I am NOT going to be 100% (at least, not yet) makes it much easier to get back on track when I do.

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast--large banana smoothie
Supper--salad w/field greens, craisins, pine nuts, balsamic vinaigrette
Midnight snack--ice cream :-(

I've already determined that I will allow myself certain non-raw things:

1. Hot tea
2. Extra-dark chocolate
3. "Questionables;" those things that *might* be raw--or should be--but maybe aren't. When I find a restaruant with an awesome salad, I'm not going to stress over whether the pine nuts are toasted or not. I also bought some halva, which *can* be raw, and although I found out that this particular brand isn't, I'm still going to finish it.
4. Rare occasions, dinner out with friends.

I figure those 4 exceptions will still keep me at over 90% raw (I usually only have a cup or 2 of tea a day, choccie is a rare treat, and when eating out, I still look to stay as raw as possible).

Oh, and an update on the "female" stuff--it wasn't my period after all; just some spotting. I'm somewhat concerned, because I don't usually spot. I'm fast entering menopause, and wondering if this is some sort of 'symptom?' Sweetie would like to try for a baby, despite my gynecologist's doubts, and I'm afraid this is the 'beginning of the end.'

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Re: Raw Again
Posted by: Misery's Fence ()
Date: May 01, 2012 01:05AM

Jeez, I can't believe I found my old posts!

A year to the day after my last post--Aug. 30, 2009--Sweetie passed. We had become officially engaged the Christmas before, and were going to start planning a wedding. sad smiley Having been widowed once before, this was a real setback for me emotionally, and I stopped giving a rat's ass about taking care of myself.

My arthritis has gotten crippling, so I've gone back to a high-raw vegan diet and a specialized exercise program. I've very big on sprouts and smoothies, and with local produce season fast approaching, I'm excited to really get back into raw foods. I have a new job and work from home now, so no more pressure from co-workers to eat out (and more time to make myself healthy meals).

Love and Light,

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Re: Raw Again
Posted by: Ivi rose ()
Date: May 01, 2012 04:48AM

Aww, so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that you are back again and wish you the best. I'll be looking forward to your diary.

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